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  1. Condor

    $500 Sportsman's Warehouse Gift Card

    I am willing to throw in a $15 Dutch Bros gift card! WOW! What a caffeinating offer Connor!!!
  2. Hey Guys, I have a $500 Sportsman's Warehouse Gift card I need to trade for cash. If anyone is going to buy something there or needs this I am sure they can split it into a few gift cards at the store. I am willing to meet at a Sportsman's so you know the card is legitimate or I'll just pay for your item and you give me the cash. I have a perfect record on here for sales and buys, and have references as I've been on here for a decade now. Thanks, Connor
  3. Condor

    Lightning PSA

    Strikes all around us. Super sketch. F9EC08B3-3AA3-4564-BE14-7E12C826336A.MOV
  4. Condor

    Lightning PSA

    We got hit by the same storm in the Mazatzals. Saw a couple strikes hit Ord as well. Not sure what side that would be.
  5. I am located in Scottsdale and willing to ship!
  6. Im located in Scottsdale. Sorry, I didnt see your PM till today.
  7. Condor

    WTS Garmin Rhino 650 w/ Topo Maps

    Im located in Scottsdale and also willing to ship.