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  1. Vowell

    Need flatlanders # (Andrew)

    Sent him a message through FB
  2. Vowell

    Got my archery bull

    Awesome bull!
  3. Vowell

    When A Rifle Hunter Goes Archery Hunting

    Great job Casey!!! And good shooting!!!!
  4. Vowell

    Gone 🦃

  5. Vowell

    Gone 🦃

  6. Vowell

    First Archey Bull

    Great bull!!!!
  7. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    Agree, thanks
  8. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    Agreed, I just didn’t know if there was a length time associated with the law. But I see nothing like you stated Creed. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    Thanks for the information! Looks like there is no time associated with his response. That being said sounds like a lifetime ban for that area. Again appreciate the response
  10. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    Totally agree, I just didn’t know if there was a statute of limitations on a period of time. Appreciate all the responses. I’m going to send a email to G&F
  11. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    I’ve seen a few on tanks, but it’s considerably a lot less. Nothing damage
  12. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    Sounds like the response I was expecting. Appreciate the response
  13. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    No bites? Must be a good question
  14. Vowell

    Trail Camera Question

    So here’s a question for everyone. If I place cameras in a unit, am I band from hunting that unit/area forever? Just would like to hang some cameras with the kids near our property up north to see what’s moving around out there. Would I’d be allowed to hunt the area 2-5 years later with no cameras being set?
  15. Vowell

    Food vacuum sealer or the like

    I have a LEM I was going to put up for sale, it’s their bigger model MAXVAC. $100