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  1. I saw some today at Rim Country guns in Payson. They also wanted $8 per 100 😬. I live in QC if need me to pick some up let me know. Limit 2 They also had plenty of 380,9,40,45 pistol ammo to my surprise
  2. Interested, any chance of opening it up and posting pictures of the scope, just trying to get a idea
  3. Vowell

    Opening day youth bird (Update for Pics)

    Update with Fan mount in progress
  4. Vowell

    Unit 1 turkeys! lets see them!

    unit 1 youth bird
  5. Vowell

    Opening day youth bird (Update for Pics)

    Thanks everyone appreciate all the awesome comments. I do owe Ammon at Little Creek Calls for all the tips and amazing calls he makes.
  6. Vowell

    Trailer 5x13 sold

  7. Vowell

    Opening day youth bird (Update for Pics)

    Ya it was a little close, especially with a full choke on number 4’s. I was praying that she wouldn’t miss. Little chilly and yes it’s tough getting them out the door. I honestly owe my wife big time for waking up early making sure we had everything getting out the door at 3:30 am.
  8. Those days of practicing open sights on the BB gun and 22’s paid off. She was a little nervous about shooting the shotgun but I told her she only had o pull the trigger one time. She made a terrific 15 yard shot.
  9. Vowell

    .338 lapua what happened?

    I guess I did mean to say run down, my poor choice of wording 😊. I agree that savage is a great deal for anyone looking, it’s definitely a lot of gun, great bear round. I had one in the HS precision model and just never got around to shooting it. After reloading for a buddy of mine I just didn’t want to mess with it after seeing the cost of all the components including the powder. I’ve been toying around about getting a 50 bmg, but the reality of hunting and having a good back stop for the projectile scares me.
  10. Vowell

    .338 lapua what happened?

    Hey this is a great thread, great example to other members on here not how to run down someone’s eles post, but yet to ask in another post 😊 👍
  11. Vowell

    .338 lapua what happened?

    Even when you reload it’s still expensive 😊, I wrote my comment and then read all the other post.
  12. Vowell

    FREE mF'n rocket warhead boxes, 2x Tucson

    You have to delete it yourself if you want it gone, just a heads up
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    Is this new?