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  1. Vowell

    2019 National Call Making Contest

    Nice job! Crazy how addicting Turkey hunting is
  2. Vowell


    Saw your truck by Walmart
  3. Vowell

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    I get what you’re saying but Swaros to my eyes are much better. I could find animals no problem with the vortex, best part about the sawros my eyes don’t get tired compared to the vortex. After 30 mins to a hour my eyes hurt using the Vortex. Eye strain? Maybe from my eyes adjusting so much from the vortex. I can spend hours behind the Swaros no prob at all. If it wasn’t for this I would be using vortex all day long.
  4. Vowell

    1986 Honda 250R

    Wow nice bike!!! Love those 250R’s
  5. Vowell

    Why is there so Many Swaro 15’s for sale?

    Lots of over priced 15’s for sale.
  6. Vowell

    Arrow tree

    Somebody was smart and is going to sell this to a archery shop, cabelas, bass pro etc!!! Sorry suckers, another mans trash is another mans treasure!
  7. Vowell

    Arrow tree

    Wow sad day for sure!
  8. Vowell

    Wtb stihl chain saw

    ok I’ll keep an eye out for you Devan 928-551-0099
  9. Vowell

    Wtb stihl chain saw

    Only worth fixing if it’s a Stihl pro saw. What size you looking for? Something the same size as yours? If so what is your current model? I run into good deals all the time on them, a few months back I sold a 362, 361, 441, 241, 260. I still have a 261 I might let go.
  10. Vowell


    Dirtnap is a good dude 👍👍👍
  11. Vowell

    Senior trip to Mx

    Great job, those Mexico hunts look fun, but I bet it’s even more enjoyable with your son. Nicely done!!!
  12. Vowell

    What's the trick with upside down pics?

    Fix it would not to post from your phone. But if you do choose to use your phone you can crop and make the pictures a different size then try multiple times to post to see if they come out correctly. This is what I do.
  13. Vowell

    Kahles 624i SKMR3

    Ohhhhh man!!!! This is my next scope!!!! Very tempting or the 525
  14. I’m going to have Southernexpress build me a 6.5 soon. I would go with a rechamber if you are looking for something to kill a elk or bear. The 243 might do it but the 6.5 is just a good all around cal. Pm Southernexpress
  15. Vowell

    Technology and Animal Quality

    I see your point but my unit is in that 5-10% SSS