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  1. Vowell

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    Wow literally a smoking deal, if didn’t already have one I buy it!
  2. Vowell


  3. Vowell

    Outdoor, Air-Conditioned Sheds

    This right here, not me but my buddy bought a 40’ Conex box, sprayed foam inside, window unit and it works really good. He had someone spray the foam in from a 50 gallon drum.
  4. Vowell

    Prime Rib

    Looks awesome
  5. Vowell

    New Smoker on the market

    A Yoder ys640 pellet smoker has been on my radar for about 8 years now. Im just waiting for my Teton pellet smoker to go out. But when it does go out im going to give this gravity fed charcoal a look.
  6. Vowell

    New Smoker on the market

    I agree but a wood smoker has much better flavor than the processed pellet smoker.
  7. Theres a new smoker on the market, gravity fed charcoal wifi bluetooth. I see this taking the place of a pellet smoker for the guys that are picky about the taste. I’m seeing some guys selling their yoders and treagers and going to this $499 Master built. Definitely not built like a yoder.
  8. Vowell

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    I have had a few friends make the drive to Gila Outdoors in Safford, not sure if they do the hondas though. Might be worth to make the call
  9. Vowell

    Wall hangers for sale

    Phil I’ll take the double barrel shotgun. Im In Santan, don't know if you make it up this way. Pm inbound
  10. Vowell

    Where Am I?

    On private property according to the sign 😊
  11. Vowell

    2019 Monster Muzzleloader Mule Deer

    Awesome buck, some nice deep forks!
  12. Vowell

    50% Off Everything on Badlands Website

    What model? I guess i better look before asking
  13. Vowell

    Benelli Super Black Eagle for Sale

    Bad Ace shotgun! This is my most used gun in the safe! Smoking deal
  14. Vowell

    Killer Home Depot deal

    Ok i will chime in, Every year for the last 3 years I have let Home Depot pay for my winter grass. I always ask if they will give me $75 off if I sign up for a credit card. Sometimes i gotta use my sales bargaining skills but they always agree. I just cancel the card when the first payment clears. Thank you Home Depot, until next year!