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  1. So I thought I would put this out there if anyone is looking for some good heavy duty camp chairs or a tool box for your trailer. The chairs are in good condition, paint varies on being scratched. No holds unless you are on your way over, just check with me on the amount you want. I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can, I’m in SanTan off Ocotillo and Schneff cell is 928-551-0099 I have about 200 metal chairs, $6 firm each tool box are Sold
  2. Vowell

    9' Fly fishing pontoon

    Great pontoon, I have this exact one. They have great customer service on the bladders no questions ask they replaced one of mine. I’ve owned it for about 14 years.awesome deal. Good luck on the sale
  3. Vowell

    Trundle Day Bed frame No Mattress

    I’ll take it, $50 right?
  4. Vowell

    Luna or Greer Lakes?

    I was up at Nelson’s a few weeks back and not a bite but it was fun. Here’s a pic of Nelson’s I drove by all the greer lakes, seen 1 fish surface but did not fish it. Let us know how you do
  5. Vowell

    Need help pricing an outboard motor

    Ya imo Nada values are overrated, all depends on what your current market brings
  6. Vowell

    Need help pricing an outboard motor

    I would think you could get $800-$1000 for it, but I’m not a expert.
  7. Vowell


  8. Vowell


    Ctracingraptor it’s yours if you still want it, let me know
  9. Vowell


    Ok I’m waiting to hear back from fourthhorseman, ill let you know.
  10. Vowell

    Shooting Bench Sold

  11. Vowell


  12. Vowell

    Shooting Bench Sold

    Cash is king!
  13. Vowell

    Hunt guidlines

    This sucks not gonna lie, probably cause it’s my favorite unit to hunt in. My bro posted on Facebook and got lots of different views for and against it. I’ve been hunting there a lot and honestly I don’t see the unit being a “trophy unit” and don’t see it being a potential unit either when it’s not being managed correctly. It will not even come close to the kiabad, 27, 23 etc. The wolves definitely have a huge impact on the deer herd. Few years back one of our areas was pressured heavily with the wolves. I get the guides would like this, more dedicated clients if they get drawn. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen a few huge bucks come out of there but it’s nothing like 27. 27 will most likely get a lot more pressure and we might see 27 for a archery drawn shorty to follow. I haven’t had the time to read all the comments from FB yet, but I would like to know how they determined to go to a draw only for unit 1. This unit can be tough finding good bucks if you don’t spend a lot scouting. Sorry for my rant, just bummed that it happened to the unit I enjoy hunting most.
  14. Vowell

    Shooting Bench Sold

    Have this shooting bench, works great. It’s weathered from being outside though. sold SanTan Valley