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  1. Vowell

    Reloading ltems

    Pm inbound
  2. Vowell

    Better late than never unit 3A 3C

    Good luck! Hope you get one
  3. Vowell

    Mountain house scam

  4. Vowell

    Mormon Lake Question

    Ya I didn’t mean to quote you, I was referring to the OP question. Thanks for the reply 😂
  5. Vowell

    Mormon Lake Question

    We go up every year around Labor Day and fill up at Mormon lake store at their little community there. No problems
  6. Vowell

    Mormon Lake Question

    Isn’t little Mormon lake by showlow?
  7. Vowell

    Elk Rut

    Saw 2 herds yesterday In Alpine of 50 plus cows, one herd had a small satellite bull in it and the other had a 320”-330” bull. Both herds were like 6 miles apart. I tried to stock another very small group had like a 280”-300” bull but they gave me the slip.
  8. Vowell

    Elk Rut

    So far it’s been a spot and stalk hunt for me. Biggest bull has been about 300” and with cows. Been hearing bugles here and there until 7am, but then it’s been pretty quite after that. Evening not a lot of movement.
  9. Vowell

    Rut Activity

    I got a 280” bull bugling now about 200 yards away. Got about 6 cows with him
  10. Vowell

    Electrician needed

    GorLyman? Really, 2 years old!
  11. Vowell

    WTB Golden lab puppy

    Nailed it!
  12. Vowell

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    I’m on here just for the classifieds 😂 Jk
  13. Vowell

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Dang nice buck!
  14. Vowell

    Legality of blocking easements

    Definitely just ask. Even if there was a FS gate he can tell you to go pound sand unless you are a forest service employee and the easement was set up Forest Service access which I doubt it would be.