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  1. Vowell

    Range Finder feedback?

    I hate my Sig 2200. I’m comparing it to a lieca 1600. Not as clear and hard to range past 1500 yards. I’ll be putting it up for sell soon.
  2. Vowell


    So much negativity lately and this is the month of hunting and to give thanks. I for one am grateful for this site, friends that I met on here and our CW hunting community. #givethanks
  3. Ya it’s the worst, don’t waste your time 🤮
  4. Vowell

    Turkey ammo questions?

    I like to use 5 or 6 shot in 3.5”. The pic of the Winchester will do just fine.
  5. Vowell

    helpful tips for spotting scammers

    Another tip is to see if another reputable member on Coueswhitetail can vouch for the seller if he is a new member. I refer friends to this site seeking info on hunting.
  6. Just depends on where you are hunting at. But to answer your question, no.
  7. Decoys are a must if you can find where they are landing. I think you can get like 12 silhouette decoys for $100. Pm me if you have any questions on hunting them. There’s a Crane call on Amazon for around $30 that works.
  8. Made some Sandhill Crane jerky, all from the leg meat. The breast meat is for the grill. I just use Hi mountain pepper with the jerky gun. This is by far the best meat for jerky.
  9. Vowell


  10. Vowell

    Norma Brass - 300 RUM (New)

    I’ll take it, phone call coming
  11. Vowell

    Gun/Pistol leather holsters from Texas

    I just received a offer on both, they are sold pending inspection.
  12. Vowell

    Gun/Pistol leather holsters from Texas

    Honestly I don’t know. I think it would fit the Blackhawk as well. He said he when he ordered them he told them the pistols he had. I have a Cimarron 45 that fits really nice in the 44. I’m in San Tan, I have to run up to Union hills and 10th st. If you are in route we can see?
  13. Vowell

    Are the snakes stil out?

    Yes they are, seen a couple last week right before the cold front