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  1. Vowell

    WTB Quarter/Half Cow

    Is he out in SanTan?
  2. Vowell

    Nice Boar

    Thanks again Keith! 10-12 but could be younger but he thought not older than 12
  3. Vowell

    Nice Boar

    Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun. I appreciate the good friends I have that I can call last minute and they drive up to help out. Few members on her like Keith and Brain, great guys. My bud Ryan was literally on his hands and needs looking for the trail, broken branches specs of blood. Literally there was only a few drops of blood for 10 yards then it completely disappeared. Finding the broken branches/twigs is what lead us to him. His hide soaked up most the blood, literally all of it.
  4. Vowell

    Nice Boar

    Thanks everyone, i appreciate all the comments
  5. Went out the other day solo and shot this nice bore. Shot was like 250 yards and saw him run into some thick brush. I worked my way over to try find him and after looking for a bit I wasn’t doing any good. It started to get dark so had to make a few phone calls to have some buddies to come out to help track and pack out. He only went about 40-50 yards in to some thick stuff. Looking for a bear at night by myself was a little sketchy so I’m glad I have some good friends that came out and helped.
  6. Vowell

    WTB Polaris REAR rim/wheel (1)

    Check with Gila outdoors in thatcher/Sanford/Pima area they might have a take off. Just an idea, hope you find one
  7. Vowell

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    Thanks everyone for the info, much appreciated.
  8. Toying around on buying a 5th wheel and towing my Ranger Crew behind it. Anyone done this and is there laws on how long and heavy you can be. I think I read somewhere that you couldn’t be over 65 ft total length?
  9. Vowell

    Apply the tag

    Either or
  10. Vowell

    Polaris Ranger XP 700 - low hours/ miles

    What year? Thanks
  11. Vowell

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    I think I have 12 bonus points for Bear if the crazy goverment ever finds the right DNA Strain to reintroduce to Arizona. I hear that’s the biggest controversy that’s setting them back to the reintroduction program.
  12. Vowell

    Last Grizzly in AZ

    Yep u are correct
  13. Vowell

    Nutrioso question!

    Ha ha we talk about the dude every year, nutty ol hippy
  14. Maybe I missed it but what transmission do you have? 2016 Dodge 4x4 Cummings is $3500 out door. This is not the price for Aisin Transmission. That would prob be more. This is a quote from Pete’s Transmissions in Phx
  15. Vowell

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Woah!!! Congrats, great job especially the DIY.