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  1. Vowell


    Much appreciated, I owe you one!
  2. Vowell


  3. I couldn't agree more, good advice 👍
  4. Vowell

    Berger Match bullets for Hunting

    All day long, I prefer the match over the hunting. If the match are not in stock then I'll buy the hunting ones.
  5. Vowell

    Spring bear help

    I'll send you a PM later tonight
  6. Vowell

    Spring bear help

    Spring has always been a tough hunt, I've only seen a few out during the early April hunt. What days are you guys headed out?
  7. Vowell


    Well looks like I'm wrong, not the first or last time.
  8. Vowell


    Chatting with a friend who traps in AZ for the USDA was telling me he could only place leg hold traps on private. Where I've have seen these signs they had leg hold traps which they have to follow state law. I was assuming they had leg holds set out on the OP's post. There I go assuming.
  9. Vowell


    This is total BS, I've seen a few signs on FS land for wolves which is illegal. No one to hold them accountable.
  10. Vowell


  11. Vowell

    Garage gunsmith needed

    I forth Todd at SXpress
  12. Anyone have any idea what this could be? Picture from left to right is a .223, 22 hornet (thanks HBU) and then this .20 cal? Parent case looks is a 22 hornet, by the head stamp. Some saying 5mm centerfire, 20 squirrel, 20 mink? A few pics with a dispensed 22 hornet side by side.
  13. Vowell

    Good Guy Seller List

    If these guys are not on the list, you can buy in confidence. HBU, Trevorj, azbow, rpowell600, coloradomuley, geologger, Noworries, Edge especially HBU, thank you again.
  14. Vowell

    WTB 12x50 Binos

    And if you calll him he will most likely even give you a better deal.
  15. Vowell


    I blame Chef, he won by posting the oldest post link on another post. Just passing time till the results come out.