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  1. We were out today and tried our hardest. I can say that they need all the help they can get so if you want to come help please do. There was not many people today because they thought the weather was going to be bad which it ended up being ok. We were in the water feeling around under all the debris trying as hard as we could. I heard theres going to be lots more searchers tomorrow and Saturday. We started at Bar X and went down about a mile past Across. Towards the later part of the afternoon the Sherriffs helicopter flew very low and slow over the entire creek checking. If you have time please come and help!
  2. Vowell

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    I got a hold of him last year and he actually refunded me my deposit of $300. I was very shocked
  3. Vowell

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

  4. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    Stihl is sold pending pick up.
  5. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    Both, thats why i let it go. 😂 one thing i highly recommend is buying chaps and ALWAYS use them!!!
  6. Vowell

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Very cool man!!! Great bull
  7. If you are hunting both water fowl and cranes then you can not have lead in your possession. But if you are just hunting cranes then lead is your friend. Thats just my opinion, but you wont get busted that way. Good luck on your hunt!
  8. Yes you can use lead on sandhill cranes.
  9. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    Ya no prob i love stihl saws. I down sized from a 361 to a 261, little lighter and is a little mighty mouse.
  10. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    I just left the house and not sure what is actually on the saw. I can measure it when i return home on Wednesday. If i had to guess it prob the same as the extra chain which is .325”
  11. Vowell

    Smoking prime rib, then travel

    Ya dont do what said
  12. Vowell

    Smoking prime rib, then travel

    I just got done smoking a brisket to 205 degress the other day. Wrapped it in foil immediately and 8 Hours later in a cooler it was still at 140 degrees. just wrap it with foil in a cooler and you’ll be fine like others said
  13. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    Sure man, all i can say is no thanks! What you thinking? Something im needing real bad is a tikka action, i can add cash on my end. But feel free to let me know what you got.
  14. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    This one has a 18” bar as it sits, max would be a 20”. My last Stihl I sold had a 36” bar on the MS660, it ran like a raped ape,,,, way to big for me. This MS290 is a Farm Boss saw
  15. Vowell

    Couple Chainsaws Stihl & Echo

    I’ll have to measure it when I get home but if I had to guess prob 18”