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  1. Vowell

    sky cranes

    Maybe for the fire in 27?
  2. Vowell

    ISO Oxygen Concentrator

    So is she prescribed O2 right now? Because if she is she is entitled to a homefill station. Trust me she is, this is a system that fills smaller travel bottles. But a portable Concentrator is only good if she is on 2 liters or less. If she is on anything higher than that good luck, but if she is she will most likely being it from a OCD Oxygen Conserving Device. The portable electronic concentrator only puts out between 80%-95% pure oxygen and are pricy even used. Careful buying stuff off Craigslist as the machines might put out low O2. Get it tested if you go that route. And go buy a pulseox from walgreens, this will help determine her 02 levels. Sorry for the long read, but yep good luck Edit: Just saw your good now!
  3. Vowell

    HWY 87 ony 1 lane open

    That’s what happens when you travel on Friday afternoon the day before the 4th 😁
  4. Vowell

    Cabelas Alaknak 12x20 with extras

    Mind me asking why you are selling? I’ve been toying around about getting one. And also this may be a dumb question but can you use the stove with fire restrictions? I know most stoves have a spark arrestor in them.
  5. Vowell

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Prayers to his family, very sad 😢
  6. Vowell

    Concert Tickets

    Why even resurrect this? Good job adamroberson 😂
  7. Vowell

    New rifle build question

    Learn how to reload if you don’t already, this will help tremendously!
  8. Vowell

    .243 for mulies?

    You will get better expansions with lead but the solid copper can and will get better penetration. Lead from my experience can separate into lots of small pieces where the copper tends to stay together and also stay together in bigger pieces if it comes apart. The problem is will the solid copper Projectile expand? It all depends on speed, what it hits, an bullet selection. Lots of members on here can give you some more good advice, I’ve seen the solid copper Barnes bullets expand and preform well. They want less lead on the Kiabab to help with the recovery of the condors. As a conservationist I would refer to use lead free but it’s a personal choice.
  9. Vowell

    .243 for mulies?

    Yes the .243 will be just fine all day long with a good vital shot!
  10. Vowell

    My Lion mount

    Best mount I’ve seen,,,,, amazing, who’s the taxidermist?
  11. Vowell

    My Lion mount

    Awesome job and congrats! How long did it take to come in? Last pic of it mounted or live picture?
  12. Man I would love to see pics of this machine! Not a buyer but just want to look and drool
  13. Vowell

    show low, linden, pinetop-lakeside, vernon

    Letter from Round Valley
  14. Yes great guy, I saw him over at Southernexpress a few months ago. Honestly you can go wrong with any mentioned above. I know Todd can have a very quick turnaround on stuff