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  1. Vowell

    Tick Tock

    Everything is true on FB
  2. Vowell

    Shock gobble year round?

    Just depends, it’s like the rut for them. Once they start going you can shock gobble them all you want. But it’s not year round.
  3. Vowell

    ISO 45-70 brass

    Do you have dies? I have a set laying around
  4. Vowell

    Night hunting lights

    Honestly I have not gone out a lot at night. One huge thing that I would recommend to any night hunter is to prescout your stands, it’s a different calling game at night. One thing is to make sure you are not close to any occupied buildings. Make sure you understand where your shooting lanes are and don’t get scared 😱. Lots of critters like to move around at night, and bring a buddy.
  5. Vowell

    Need help identifying

    I would say fox , but has short muzzle like a cat? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Vowell

    Electrician for Interlock Kit?

    My buddy installs these. His name is Ryan Organ at Rio Electric. Santan/Queen Creek http://www.Rioelectric.com
  7. Vowell

    Hunter Safety

    You can take the class, pass and hunt for a kid that needs it. When feild days come available they will have 1 year to complete. I believe it’s the same for 14 years to Adult. My 10 year old kid just passed and will be hunting this year. Kids 10-13 are required to have it done and must keep a copy of completion of on-line course while they are actively hunting.
  8. Vowell

    Digital Calipers?

    I have had my harbor freight ones for over 15 years. They never failed me,,,,, except the battery.
  9. Vowell

    Garmin Inreach Mini

    Dang I just picked one up, this is a great deal!!! Love the text messaging option.
  10. Vowell

    Colt python 357

    Price jump over night! This thing is pretty darn cool!!! For $500 cool that is 😊 good luck with the sale 👍
  11. Vowell

    ISO .410 Bird loads

    And if it comes down to it I have about 15 rounds I can spare for the hunt if you can’t find any.
  12. Vowell

    ISO .410 Bird loads

    I hear you my daughter just got done with her hunters Ed. I have a little 410 break open I might use. I purchased mossbergs mini thug 20 Gauge few years back. Going in 2 weeks to see which one she can handle. What unit are you guys hunting? We will be in unit 1 I believe.
  13. Vowell

    ISO .410 Bird loads

    Sportsmans Im Mesa had a ton last week.
  14. Vowell

    1st Owner Looking to buy a new 4 Wheeler

    Honda all the way!