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  1. azhunter85

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Yes her heart was set on a bow but she wanted to fill the freezer more important. We did a lot of work with her set up and when we drove up on the tracks all of a sudden plans changed from sitting in a blind to slow stalking. We decided grab the rifle and take a stroll. She doesn’t regret it either, sittin a blind for long days to shoot a bull under 50 yards or spot n stalk with a rifle at 80 yards. Good chance we could of got to bow range that day but we were just wanting to fill the freezer with a Good bull
  2. azhunter85

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Yes we did. It’s all coming up
  3. My wifes bison hunt from April is up on YouTube on The Mountain Project Page. Check it out and let me know whatcha think! Thanks https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K34Vz5e2tSA
  4. The Rivers Band song name Bad men find it on Bandcamp
  5. azhunter85

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    we had time to dedicate up there. she took both weapons for any situation. it would have been cool with a bow but, we aren't worried about it and look more towards the opportunity then what she used. ill take spot n stalk with any weapon over sittin a blind, but I would do both strategies to get it done. ive heard of the strategies for the "cull" hunt but no nothing at all like that is going on.
  6. azhunter85

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    Good luck on your hunt, ya didnt hear anything about any new strategies but we werent up long. Just heard they killed a third bull. Exciting, such an awesome experience. I want the tag! I dont mind sittin just knowing those giants are walking around
  7. azhunter85

    Lady Luck on the Kiabab, bull down 2018

    195 berger, I dont know what you by implementing new stuff? While we were there hunters were in blinds and some were looking in pockets where hulls had been spotted. We were in communication with everyone we knew of up there.
  8. My wife drew the first season bull tag on the Kiabab this year. She is going to have a lot of haters on how fast her hunt happened. We showed up on Saturday with her plans to do 6 day stents with school and family obligations. We met with Russ Jacoby and Chad Woodruff and came up with a plan to drop a blind off and then run around learning the road system. What to drive and what not to drive. As we were driving we stopped to look at some sign and found fresh bull tracks. We all decided to grab the rifle instead of the bow and trail them up and see what we could turn up, an hour later we found ourselves under 200 yards from three bedded bulls. We crawled down the ridge to 80 yards and got her set up, after 20 minutes of trying to confirm bull, and which was the biggest my wife was ready to shoot. She was shooting a 28 nosler and made the perfect shot on the bull bedded with Russs guidance on placement. With the trees and the way he was bedded made it difficult to see where to hold but with Russs knowledge of them it was spot on. Her bull ran 50 yards and expired with a double lung shot right over the heart. Cant thank Russ and Chad enough for their knowledge and help on the Kiabab. I strongly urge any one with a tag to do their homework but work with them at least so everyone has a great chance at filling an awesome tag. One other Bull was killed yesterday as well. So greatfull to be able to capture it on film and be able to be there with my wife and father in law, and the friend ships made along with memories was amazing. Good luck to the rest of the tag holders! Check out some pictures and stay tuned for the video! Michael Chan with Heritage Media Network was there with his camera and took a couple great pictures for my wife. Check them out!
  9. azhunter85

    some javelina fun!

    Wish we could of, if you listen our audio is messed up really bad. We cut it all out and only used what we did because of the audio trying to keep it clean and so people would stay watch it. Or we would have shown the whole thing. We thought it was from my wifes watch messing with the mic but ended up being a bad mic. Thanks for watching !
  10. azhunter85

    some javelina fun!

    Check out one of our films from this years ham hunt, I pick up a long bow for the first time and we have a blast. check it out!
  11. that rifle is a proof research 28 nosler, their terminus stock, 26' sender carbon fiber barrel, Holland brake, 195 Berger, vortex amg, its sweet!
  12. Check out our latest video on youtube, my wife had a muzzle loader coues deer tag this past year and got a opportunity at a awesome buck opening day. Brittany put our family in the triple digit club. Check it out! The Mountain Project
  13. Heres the final episode for our friends early Arizona muzzleloader bull tag. Check it out below! if you wanna win some great stuff including a rifle all you need is an email----- click here----->https://www.themountainproject.tv/gear-giveaway/
  14. azhunter85

    Early muzzleloader bull hunt

    Got some local hunts coming up of your not following along already. New Mexico and Arizona stuff coming up. Heres the latest early muzzle loader elk hunt from last year.
  15. azhunter85

    Arizona elk hunts, and win a rifle

    March 1st is the start of the releasing of videos. 1 a day for 45 days. Over $9,000 in prizes. You can enter now but as the videos start to roll out giveaways will start happening. Better to do it now.