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  1. cw4192

    Hunters n Ranchers

    Troy Neal on the 76 Ranch enjoys Vodka and cranberry juice (hint) and he is one heck of a nice guy.
  2. cw4192

    How to price trophy coues deer

    trophy hunter who are you aunt bea, or thelma lou?
  3. cw4192


    Dewalt battery operated chainsaw is awesome cuts wood like butter and last's for about 6-7 hours all you need is chain oil. Just got back from a whitetail hunt in 23 for 7 nights and it cut enough wood for my wood burner in wall tent on three different wood cutting outings. I was skeptical about it but them sob's are cutting machines
  4. cw4192

    Ghetto birds are swarming

    Everything West of I-17 is MAryvale all the way to Buckeye
  5. cw4192

    Sand crane

    they are the "Rib Eye of the sky" great eating enjoy
  6. CJl 2010 you are about the biggest idiot on this site. your are welcome!!!
  7. cw4192


    I will take 5 if still available thx
  8. cw4192

    Motor guide trolling motor

    if its 24volt I will take it. i will pm You after the response to 24 volt question. Thx Cody
  9. cw4192

    Yeti dumps NRA -

    Canyon coolers and RTIC are gonna love this. bye yeti.
  10. cw4192

    Coues deer rut

    Like above calendar comment but in 38 years of hunting Coues I've seen them rut from early November thru February. Thats my 2 cents
  11. cw4192

    How many Decades ?

    missed my first one in 1977 with open sights 30-30 at about 100 yards on the run
  12. cw4192

    Canvas Tents/Outfitters Tent Questions

    Wall Tent Shop bought a 14x16 with the angle kit and riley wrangler stove stove for $1300 last year. I cut my own frame and they will give You the proper measurements. Total cost $1450.00.