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  1. azcouesfanatic

    Injured hunter willing to sell his Mexico Gould's hunt

    There is nothing to refund. The tag was won in a raffle.
  2. azcouesfanatic

    Need a New Pack???

    Here is your chance to win a KUIU 5200 and a $250 gift card. Raffle tickets are only $10 and only 150 will be sold. Buy your tickets at www.bowhuntinginarizona.com. The proceeds of this raffle are going to be utilized to print the 6th edition of the record book. Thank You for Your support. Brian Rimsza
  3. azcouesfanatic

    KUIU $500 Gift Card Raffle

    Here is a chance to update your camo or maybe get a new backpack while helping a great non-profit organization. You can purchase tickets on our website www.bowhuntinginarizona.com. The money raised from this raffle will be used to help print the 6th edition of our record book next year. Thank You Brian Rinsza
  4. azcouesfanatic

    DPMS Prairie Panther in King Desert Shadow Camo 223

    Great Coyote buster!!!
  5. azcouesfanatic

    NEW Mathews Halon 6 RH/70lbs $900

    Mathews makes a great bow but I love my Elite
  6. NEW in box never fired never taken out of the box. Link: http://www.dpmsinc.com/hunting-rifles_ep_75-1.html $900 Email me if your interested: brian.rimsza@hotmail.com
  7. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    Bowhnt, All we need is the feet, beard, and a field photo and you can enter him. The spurs are what counts for the turkey score. If you have any further questions email me. My bad I thought you said feet not meat. Bummer man. Brian
  8. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    If anyone has any questions about the book or would like one please reach out to me. Send me a PM or email brian.rimsza@hotmail.com.
  9. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    idgaf that means there is two of us with Rio's!!!!
  10. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    The first person to go to our website and purchase a banquet ticket today will receive a free book!!!!
  11. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    Bob if you have the rifle book I am sure you need an archery edition!!!
  12. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    If anyone is looking for the 5th edition book or some of the older versions head over to the website and you can order them or email me.
  13. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    Big Orange your good. Mounted animals are fine as long as the skull plate was not split for detachable horns and I am pretty sure Cole's beetles won't add any size to your buck or he would be a rich man. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  14. azcouesfanatic

    Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book

    Hello, I just wanted to inform everyone that the Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book (BIA) has recently updated it's website. We have made it much more user friendly to access and print out forms. Some of you may have never heard of the BIA and I would like to invite you to come check us out. We are also on Facebook and will be coming to Instagram soon. We are responsible for recording all trophies harvested in the state of Arizona with a bow. The program has been around since roughly 1980 and we are currently on our fifth addition of the book. We are getting ready to put together the 6th addition of the book. The record book contains statistics/units/dates/times/hunters name of all animals that have been harvested and entered into our program. The record book can be a useful tool to help you establish trophy trends and what areas may be declining. Every two years we have a Biennial awards banquet where we recognize the largest three animals of each species taken within that two year period. There is no membership fee just a $20 entry fee if you were to enter a trophy. I realize entering animals into a record book is not for everyone but I would ask you to check us out and see what you think. Enjoy. Brian Rimsza Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book www.bowhuntinginarizona.com BANQUETflyer4.pdf