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  1. mp_moody

    AGC Rok7 x56 bino harness

    Multicam pattern Alaska Guide Creations Denali Rok7 x56 binocular harness. Used for two days last year. No stains, tears, etc. Holds 15x56 binoculars and has pockets for a rangefinder, calls, headlamps, etc. Optics tethers included. I'm located in Goodyear and can ship USPS priority at my expense if you pay via discrete Paypal. $60 shipped or face to face.
  2. mp_moody

    Tagged my first coues

    AAC SDN-6. Wish I had a direct thread can.
  3. mp_moody

    Tagged my first coues

    Thanks. I've had the fever for awhile now but could never finish. I had leftover tags for four straight years down south and only located a spike. Spent a few years overseas and missed out on hunting altogether. Came back last year and helped a buddy tag a good 90"+ buck on his December rifle hunt. It's been difficult but I get better every time.
  4. Drew a unit 23 antlered whitetail tag for the late December hunt. I took a few days off of work and had my two closest buddies make the trip out to help me find a buck. Friday produced nearly thirty deer, all does. Saturday afternoon at 1pm my buddies spotted a lone buck, the first we'd seen. Without knowing how big he was, I maneuvered in closer. Taking a look for the bedded buck: He stood after I began my stalk: He finally came into view at around 430pm. Knowing I had my friends with me for only one more day, I decided to pull the trigger on the 3x3. One shot at 460yds did the trick. The fun part:
  5. mp_moody

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    Zero rut activity in the southern half of 23. I've seen nearly thirty does and no bucks.
  6. Lightly used Marsupial Gear medium sized binocular pouch in multicam, first generation. Harness is brand new. Small gray spot on front below zipper. $60 face to face or I will ship on my dime via PayPal friends and family. Can do FTF meet on west side of Phoenix metro area (Peoria/Glendale/Goodyear).
  7. mp_moody

    20B Javelina

    Got this one last Friday. I busted this same herd twice on opening weekend and couldn't get a shot. My buddy went out to the same spot to take another from this herd on Friday. They weren't there and the weather didn't help. I accompanied them today and we didn't see a dang thing. I had two good spots that failed to produce. We'll probably be out there again in the morning.
  8. mp_moody

    Who's headed out this weekend

    Yep that's gunna haunt you. I'm hoping for redemption next week. The area I glassed him up in is deep enough that I'm confident he'll be there again.
  9. mp_moody

    Who's headed out this weekend

    I missed a decent sized cinnamon bear last Saturday in 23S. Still kicking myself for that one.
  10. Sounds like he sends you to AZ Gun Trust Lawyer. I had an easy time with the notary. I had difficulty setting up the bank account for the trust. Both bank employees I spoke with were like "oh no trust"... then the trust was looked over by the bank legal department and deemed acceptable. Mind you I did go to Phoenix for the banking endeavor, as I don't trust the bankers in the wood to do more than hand me cash. Not necessary. I am the trustee, so as long as I sign "My name, trustee" on the check to the BATFE they cash it and everyone is happy. I'm in the process of transferring a .22 can from Silencer Shop to a dealer in town. It's a very easy process as I literally bought a can online. All I had to do was send them a copy of my trust, pay my tax, and wait.
  11. I'm living vicariously through you guys. Can't wait for the stories and pictures to start streaming in.
  12. mp_moody

    20b Help

    I had this hunt back in 2012, it was my first choice. I started scouting in July in areas I'd seen deer, usually going out once a week checking trail cams and dealing with mosquitos and rattle snakes. I hunted hard for seven days straight and saw two bucks on the last day. Ended up shooting the bigger one, a wide 3x3. I'll be honest, this hunt is hard. Saw does almost daily. I spent most of my time in the Bumblebee area, mainly south of Cleator. You'll need a 4x4 to get back there. I beat my Tacoma up pretty good. I saw the most deer in this area. Only spent one morning up near Crown King. I wish I would have spent more time scouting up there. I tagged out in the Lake Pleasant area. I have seen monster mule deer in there, but there are just too many people. The weekends are a complete zoo. I had to hike in a pretty decent way to get away from the weekend warrior quads and target shooters. The entire area is developing way too fast, so if you plan on going this route park your vehicle and put some miles on your boots before sunrise. I am planning on heading out to 20B with an archery tag when I come home on leave in December. Not really sure where I'll go.
  13. I'm in the process of putting together an AR15 upper that is chambered in 6.5 Grendel. The plan is to use it on mule deer and coues instead of lugging around my .308 bolt gun. So far I have a stainless 18" barrel and a headspaced bolt, slickside flattop upper, and a chromed bolt carrier. Not sure if I want to add an adjustable gas block because I'll be shooting suppressed most of the time. Will add some flavor of Vortex scope in non QD rings once it's all done. No idea about the handguards, probably something lightweight. The entire upper will be slapped onto my lower with Geiselle trigger. Should a pretty sweet shooting rig. Why an AR in a boutique caliber over a bolt gun? I know a lot of you guys are traditionalists, but I shoot ARs much better. I can practice on the cheap with 5.56. No 15lb .900 Mag rifle that dislocates shoulders and rattles teeth. Planning on buying a bunch of Hornady 123gr SST rounds and then reloading for it at a later date. Any tips, advice, words of discouragement, etc? Hoping to get the upper put together around Christmas when I come home on leave. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be taking any deer with it until I'm done with this hitch in Germany for a few more years.
  14. I've taken two javelina with an AR in 5.56. I am currently putting together a 6.5 Grendel AR to use on mule and coues. It's going to be awesome.
  15. mp_moody


    Saw a pair of smaller bucks with a dozen does up near Flagstaff last week. Also saw a small bachelor herd of larger bucks in the same area. I might head out to my favorite high desert spot next week. I have Friday off but have other plans and don't feel confident enough with my bow. Nothing but pigs on my trail cam, but I found some nice sheds and have seen plenty of does there.