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  1. goatsie


    Please PM me, it is saying you can't receive messages. Thanks!
  2. goatsie

    WTB Prefit Barrel

    Thanks I will give em a ring! I shot a 6.5 saum barrel from them for years, I wouldn't mind using Benchmark again.
  3. goatsie

    WTB Prefit Barrel

    I am really wanting a 7saum prefit barrel and a 223ai prefit... Or similar. I would prefer shouldered for Zermatt origin or TL3, but could go with savage prefit. Whatcha got?
  4. goatsie


    What twist rate is the barrel?
  5. goatsie


  6. Guy pinged me on an old post and sent me an email address to contact at.
  7. goatsie

    Phoenix Handgun Gunsmith

    That is the guy I used previously! Thanks so much!
  8. I had a handgun worked on years ago by a fella in the Phoenix area that amazing. He was an old timer and looking to retire soon. His shop was a bit of a mess, but he was a solid guy. I think he specialized in wheel guns. Anyone recall this shop and if it is still open? I have an old Colt .45 that I would like to have worked over. Any recommendations for a high quality smith?
  9. goatsie

    WTS SIG Spotting Scope $475

    Price drop $475 shipped
  10. Cabela's Covenant 7 3-21x50 34mm tube Tactical Rifle Scope in like new condition with original box. Also comes with Mark 4 rings. Scope retails $399 and rings $130 will sell both for $375
  11. goatsie

    WTS SIG Spotting Scope $475

    Sig Oscar 5 15-45x65 Spotting Scope w/ transferable lifetime warranty! The glass and function is perfect. Comes with spotting scope cover original box and paperwork. $525 (retail $829)
  12. goatsie

    WTB TL3 or Origin Action

    I am starting a new build and would like a TL3 or Origin action.
  13. goatsie


    Which reticle on the Zeiss?
  14. goatsie

    Triggertech Field trigger

    I'm not familiar with this model, do you have a link with details?