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  1. goatsie

    Remington 300 RUM

    Would you sell without the scope if so how much
  2. goatsie

    Sig Kilo 3000 Bdx 10x42 binos

    Why sell?! I love mine!
  3. goatsie

    Vortex Fury 10x42 Rangefinder Binoculars

    Are these the new or old model?
  4. goatsie


    Brent and Ladd are top notch guys!
  5. goatsie

    SIG Kilo 2000 $275 shipped

    Sold to Jim
  6. goatsie

    SIG Kilo 2000 $275 shipped

    SPF to JIM
  7. goatsie

    SIG Kilo 2000 $275 shipped

    Bump with final price drop
  8. goatsie

    SIG Kilo 2000 $275 shipped

    I have a like new Sign Kilo 2000 like new with box and paperwork. $275 shipped
  9. goatsie

    Custom .260 $600

    Last price drop to $600
  10. goatsie

    Custom .260 $600

    Not interested in seperating. Thanks for the interest though.
  11. goatsie

    Custom .260 $600

  12. goatsie

    Custom .260 $600

  13. goatsie

    Custom .260 $600

    Model 700 E prefix action- Trued, lapped, fluted bolt, "tactical" knob installed. Schneider 20" 1/8 twist barrel threaded 5/8x24 (#5 sporting controur I believe). Barreled action has been professionally cerakoated swat black. Nightforce 20moa rail. ~75 pieces of 3x fired brass and a bunch of Nosler brass. Professionally tuned stock trigger. Barreled action weighs 4.9lbs w/ the brake, which is not included. 330 rds down the tube. This rifle holds 1/2 moa with 130 jlk and 140 hybrids. Two of my buddies smoked coues deer with this rig last year as it has been my backup rifle. $600