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  1. twigsnapper

    Tred Barta

    Sad news, I have always enjoyed his toughness and grit, he was a fighter!
  2. twigsnapper

    ADBSS hosted Film Festival 7/27

    $30 tickets at the door. Bring your spouse for a romantic evening watching hunting films 😂
  3. twigsnapper

    ADBSS hosted Film Festival 7/27

    Wednesday bump, get your tickets for this Saturday. Gonna be fun!
  4. twigsnapper

    ADBSS hosted Film Festival 7/27

    We have some great raffle prizes Sitka Jetsttream Jacket Stone Glacier 2200 backpack Our door prize will be a Canyon Cooler 35 filled with AZGFD Conserve and Protect Beer 🍺 Get your tickets! ADBSS.org
  5. twigsnapper

    Best 12x50’s (Not Swarovski)

    Meopta HD get my vote for 2nd place, I haven’t hunted with the GPO but I have compared them side by side with my Swaros when they first came out at Outdoorsmans, my backup/wife’s pair are the 12x50 meopta(cabelas). They are very good! Vortex doesn’t even come close. My wife prefers the Meopta over Swaro, not that she has tons of experience but when she looks through them side by side she says the Meoptas are brighter and clearer.
  6. twigsnapper

    ADBSS hosted Film Festival 7/27

    The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society is hosting the Full Curl Film Tour July 27th at 6:30 pm at the Mesa Arts Center. This should be a fun night with raffles and some good hunting films. Check out our website for info and tickets, only 200 190 tickets available. Hope to see you there! ADBSS.org Questions - Andy 602-881-0610
  7. twigsnapper

    the wait is over

  8. twigsnapper

    Looking for someone to weld

    I can do it but I’m out of town until next weekend. Happy to help if you don’t find someone before then.
  9. twigsnapper

    2007 Toyota Sequoia 4x4

  10. twigsnapper

    2007 Toyota Sequoia 4x4

    Saturday bump
  11. twigsnapper

    Pathfinder, 4Runner, Cherokee, or etc

    If you are planning to trailer it to your location the Samurai, Sidekick, XL7, or Cherokee are all decent options, if you are going to drive this rig down the freeway I think the 4Runner is the best option.
  12. twigsnapper

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    Maybe you can provide some better resources?
  13. twigsnapper

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    Jay Scott and Brian Rimza broke down the sheep units on Jay’s podcast. There is some very useful info on the podcast. Also Brian wrote an article for GoHunt.com that has good info as well.
  14. twigsnapper

    2007 Toyota Sequoia 4x4

    12-16 depending on what type of driving, less if pulling
  15. twigsnapper

    2007 Toyota Sequoia 4x4