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  1. twigsnapper

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    I’ll take the Outdoorsmans legs. Pm sent
  2. twigsnapper


    You listed them in August and they are still for sale, what else do you need to know? Give them to a kid or a new hunter.
  3. twigsnapper

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    We may be a little short on food but we can wipe our butts till Oct before we need to restock.
  4. twigsnapper

    WTB 2008 or newer Toyota Sequoia 4x4

    My wife is considering selling her 2014 Sequoia, Platinum trim package, 95k miles, 4wd. Has Toyota warranty until 125k miles or 9/2022. She was offered $28,000 for it on trade, would sell it for $29,000. I think we are the 3rd owner. It’s black with brown leather interior. Too nice for a hunting rig in my opinion though.
  5. twigsnapper

    Winchester 94 Commemorative 38-55 Octagon Barrel

    Bump, open to offers or trades for optics, I can add cash
  6. twigsnapper

    Cabelas Alaskan Guide 8 man

    2021 bump, time to clear out garage space
  7. twigsnapper

    Let's see ALL the cool stuff you've done with Javelina...

    I made this a few years ago.
  8. twigsnapper

    Sig BDX

    I put the 6.5-20 on my rifle this year. I like it so far, pretty simple to get setup and use. The issue I see with it is if you hunt with other people, they need to have your range finder not their own. They cannot call out a range for you with their own range finder or ranging binos. I haven’t killed anything with it but hoping to change that soon.
  9. twigsnapper

    WTB 70cc kids dirt bike

    My 8 year old earned himself a dirt bike, let me know if you have something around the 70cc range. Not particular on brand just want one that’s been taken care of. Been looking on the usual sites but thought I’d check here too. thanks Andy 602-881-0610
  10. twigsnapper

    WTB Kuiu 5200 bag

    Open to other large bags as well...
  11. twigsnapper

    WTB Kuiu 5200 bag

  12. twigsnapper

    WTB Kuiu 5200 bag

    Looking for a 5200 bag or similar. Don’t need a frame and straps unless it’s the new model, let me know. Andy 602-881-0601
  13. twigsnapper

    Remington 700 ADL Varmint .223

    I think I know the answer but does this have the heavy barrel?
  14. twigsnapper

    Good Luck Sheep Hunters!

    Good luck to all the Sheep Hunters!!! Keep us posted, first year in a while I have been home for opening day.
  15. twigsnapper

    San Carlos Desert Sheep Hunt 2020

    Great Ram!