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  1. twigsnapper

    Credit Card hit thread

    1 youth cow tag and 1 unit 21 late bull tag. My 9 year old drew the 21 late bull tag, it will be his first hunt. Gonna be a busy fall.
  2. twigsnapper

    Credit Card hit thread

    Tag #'s are in the portal, no hunt number yet though
  3. twigsnapper

    Savage Ultralite 6.5 Creed

    Bump, for all the excited elk and antelope hunters.
  4. twigsnapper

    Credit Card hit thread

    Just got a hit for youth elk
  5. twigsnapper

    Auction tag

    Was thinking the same thing…. Maybe we missed something. Hard to keep up on the drama on CWT these days.
  6. twigsnapper

    Savage Ultralite 6.5 Creed

  7. twigsnapper

    Savage Ultralite 6.5 Creed

    Friday Bump
  8. twigsnapper

    Savage Ultralite 6.5 Creed

    Savage Ultralite 6.5 Creedmoor. Bought this from another forum member about a year ago. Shoots great. 22” barrel. I bought the same rifle in 6.5prc, keeping the prc and selling the creedmoor so it doesn’t just sit in the safe. I do not have the box but I do have the adjustable stock pieces. Rifle, 30mm rings, muzzle brake and 3 boxes of 143 ELDX - $1,300 Rifle only - $1,100 north phx Andy 602-881-0610
  9. twigsnapper


    I have one similar. I currently have a 2020 XLT with the 6.7 diesel. The pic you posted looks to be a gasser but if I can offer any advice I’m happy to.
  10. twigsnapper

    Saved this Girl from being ran over this am.

    It looks like her collar has an AirTag on it, Hopefully the owners will likely be knocking on your door if the battery is still working.
  11. twigsnapper

    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon 6.5 Prc

    I’ll take the 5 boxes. Pm on the way
  12. twigsnapper

    Can you enter draw at 9?

    Yes, if they don’t draw the tag they get a point.
  13. twigsnapper

    Can you enter draw at 9?

    You can’t buy a bonus point until they are 10 years old. You can apply 9 year olds for hunts but they have to turn 10 before the hunt starts. I believe they have to be 10 at the draw deadline to buy them a point. I had to apply my son for a buffalo tag even though I had no intention of hunting it because he was only 9 at the draw deadline and the system won’t let you buy the point if they aren’t already 10.
  14. twigsnapper

    New hunting rig

    Wish mine had the locker. I actually have a locking rear axle beside my house, just haven't found a mechanic I trust enough to do the swap. I’d like to get the locker rebuilt before I swap it out.
  15. twigsnapper

    New hunting rig

    Couple reasons. my F250 drives way better down the highway and has 30 gallon fuel tank and gets better mileage pulling the trailer than the 4runner gets by itself. the 4runner is great in the hills but with the lift, mud tires and low tire pressure it isn’t great on the highway. It’s fine to about 50-60mph but anything above that and it just kinda works harder than it needs to. Especially running north on i17 it only takes about 5 minutes to load and unload