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  1. twigsnapper

    Ride Now

    I worked at Ride Now about 18 years ago for about two months. They hired me because I knew utility quads (side by sides weren't that popular back then) and all their other sales people were mostly street bike and dirt bike guys. I didn't fit in very well but I actually sold quite a few quads. The culture was horrible and they were only focused on getting the sale RIGHT NOW. Me and a couple of the other sales guys were on a team and I basically got all the leads for utility quads and I would hand off the the motorcycle clients to the other guys. I am surprised they are still in business as well.
  2. twigsnapper

    WTB 20+ ft enclosed trailer

  3. twigsnapper

    WTB 20+ ft enclosed trailer

    I am looking for a 20-24 ft enclosed trailer. There are a few on FB and CL but I thought I would check here first. Needs to have the 5,200lb axles and be the wide version, either 8 or 8.5 ft wide. Can be a bumper pull or goose neck. Shoot me text or PM if you have one you want to part with. Thanks Andy 602-881-0610
  4. twigsnapper

    WTB Mathews No Cam or similar

    Found one, thanks guys!
  5. twigsnapper

    WTB Mathews No Cam or similar

    Hey guys, I’m in the market for a bow. Would like a Mathews No Cam. Would consider other bows of similar value. Looking for 29” draw and 60-70lb. There are a couple on ArcheryTalk but I thought I would check local before buying one online. Thanks Andy 602-881-0610
  6. twigsnapper

    Tick Tock

    They should since it took so long to get the processing started after the 2nd Cc deadline.
  7. twigsnapper

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    They could put a ton of minds at ease if they posted something like this: As a result of a delay in processing credit cards, AZGFD will be reaching out to anyone who has a credit card charge declined to update payment information after the draw is complete. We appreciate your patience.
  8. twigsnapper

    Cabelas Alaskan Guide 8 man

  9. twigsnapper

    Cabelas Alaskan Guide 8 man

    Bump, still got this thing
  10. twigsnapper

    18,000 new elk apps

    If your feelers are hurt because I apply my Mom for a tag with the intention of transferring it to one of my sons, too dang bad, grow up. Wish I was at my computer, I’d light this thread on 🔥
  11. twigsnapper

    Who's still waiting for portal updates?

    My account and my wife’s are still not showing applications
  12. twigsnapper

    Tick Tock

    One of the main reasons they got rid of mail in applications was because they were no longer experiencing delays between the credit card deadline and the actual processing of the cards. The longer this gets drug out, the more issues people can potentially have with fraud on credit cards. I hope they extend the deadline for updating cards.
  13. twigsnapper

    18,000 new elk apps

    I don’t think the portal and the draw should be 2 separate things. It would be similar to going to the bank and making a deposit, then you go check online banking and no deposit shows up. Would we be ok if the bank said “not to worry, your deposit is good, we just use two separate systems”.....?
  14. twigsnapper

    2018 Jayco Eagle 5th wheel

  15. twigsnapper

    Free bedroom set - Sun City

    Gone, thanks everyone.