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  1. desertsheep

    Queensland Heeler Pups

    Thanks Rick! It’s was great to meet you and your wife!
  2. desertsheep

    Queensland Heeler Pups

    Updated post. Only have two left.
  3. desertsheep

    Queensland Heeler Pups

    I have 4 female heeler puppies that are 10 weeks old and have their first two shots. $250 each. I own the parents. The mom is Red and the dad is Blue.
  4. desertsheep

    AR-15 & Glock 19

    I’m in Gilbert but can meet you somewhere also
  5. desertsheep

    AR-15 & Glock 19

    I have a brand new Smith & Wesson AR-15 223 never been fired. $600 Used Glock 19 $400
  6. desertsheep

    Cabela’s boots

    Pair of Cabela’s Meindl’s$150. Only worn a couple times scouting. 8D
  7. desertsheep

    American Eagle 44 Rem Mag Ammo

    3 boxes of 44 Mag Ammo $15 a box
  8. desertsheep

    Dillion Precision Tumbler

    Dillion Tumbler for sale $100
  9. desertsheep

    Garage Fridge/Freezer

    Again!!! Then dont buy it!! No one is forcing you! This fridge was brand new when I pulled it out of the house we foreclosed on.
  10. desertsheep

    Garage Fridge/Freezer

    Does it look like I’m kidding!!! If you don’t wanna buy it! Then don’t!! dang you guys are a bunch of crybabies!!
  11. desertsheep

    Garage Fridge/Freezer

    $400 OBO Worked the last time I plugged it in. Been sitting under my canopy for a couple years.
  12. desertsheep

    Small safe

    You can call me at 602-571-5511 and we can set up a time
  13. desertsheep

    Small safe

    Had this safe sitting around $300
  14. desertsheep

    Youth Bow

    I'm in Gilbert. 602-571-5511
  15. desertsheep

    Tool Box & Drop Hitch

    Weather Gaurd tool Box and B&W Hitch $150 for tool box $100 for Hitch