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  1. vizsla-dog

    Pistols for sale.

    Only the Para and the 509 tactical left. Everything else sold. Thanks everyone for the interest
  2. vizsla-dog

    WTB .17 hm2

    Not to hijack a post, but I have 1100 rounds of HM2 ammo and no gun, if someone is interested in buying or trading
  3. vizsla-dog

    Pistols for sale.

    Kimber Hero custom sold. Thanks, Dan
  4. vizsla-dog

    Pistols for sale.

  5. vizsla-dog

    Pistols for sale.

    Ruger Mark Is is sold
  6. vizsla-dog

    Pistols for sale.

    10mm sold, Thanks Josh
  7. vizsla-dog

    Pistols for sale.

    I have the following pistols for sale: Kimber Camp Guard 10mm NIB/unfired $850 Kimber Hero Custom II 45acp NIB/unfired $750 Springfield Milspec Defender 45acp NIB/unfired $500 Para P13-45 45acp used $450 FN 509 Tactical FDE 9mm NIB/unfired $750 FN 509 9mm used $450 Ruger Mark II target SS used $300 Call or text for more pics if interested 520-240-6932
  8. For sale: Jim White pan head with 3 full plates and 1 half plate $225. Swarovski tripod mount with bingo stud $50 both used but in very good condition. located in Tucson text or call 520-240-6932
  9. vizsla-dog

    various ammo for sale

    Where are you located?
  10. vizsla-dog

    Free: AZ hunting regs, 7.7jap & 6.5jap ammo

    Bostman03 its all yours
  11. FREE: Not sure if anyone is interested but I have AZ hunting regs from 1979 thru 2005. Also 1 box of 20 Norma 6.5 jap ammo and 13 rounds of Norma 7.7 jap ammo. Text 520-240-6932 located in NW Tucson
  12. FS: Browning stainless A-bolt 7mm with base and rings. $325 520-240-6932
  13. vizsla-dog

    HSM 7mm Rem Mag ammo

    FS: 28 rounds of factory HSM 7mm rem mag 168gr Berger ammo. Call or text 520-240-6932 Located in Tucson $30
  14. vizsla-dog

    Ammo FS, 300 Win Mag and 30 luger

    Tucson but can send phx way with my son. He lives in surprise
  15. FS/FT all factory new, I have 3 boxes (60 rds) of 165gr 300 win mag ammo 80$, and 1000 rds of 30 luger ammo 220$ Possible trade for 9mm, 45 acp or 10mm or?