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Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

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12 hours ago, bigorange said:

Tacking onto Boarman’s “earning enough” comment (and I am a Ramsey zealot since I was about 20 and have taught some of his courses) one of my favorite things Dave says is that your most powerful wealth building tool is your income. If you need more money…go make more. He’s also fond of saying not to listen to most PhDs in Finance since most of them are broke! LoL

My Father in law is actually pretty good as a tax accountant and a lot of his knowledge was also very good. He should get credit where credit is due. His bedside manner, arrogance, and demeaning attitude on top of his obvious dislike for me is his problem. Like nearly every PhD I've ever met, they are supreme in their world, just ask them. His shirt sleeves are monogrammed his name and PhD (starched white shirts) and, although in Idaho, charges California rates. All of his daughters but my wife have either been divorced or never married. Nearly all marriages have their moments of decision and his long enduring attitude of non acceptance and belittling nearly pushed me over the edge a couple of times in our 37 years of marriage.

But info wise, when he's not elevating himself, he has some good info. You just have to be very, very patient. He has done well with the rentals, but sucked at other investments, better than we have by far, as he had more capital. But we have done much better than ANY of his other kids ( two boys and three other girls.

But I'm just a loser because I'm unfocused and never finished my degree. What ever! He under rates me and my kids and wife over rate me. Go figure. I guess it balances out in the end. 

I'm collecting and writing down what I feel is important for my family, budgeting, how to buy and manage rentals, etc. before my days end. I'm getting up there now, but I've lived what I've lived and know what I know when it comes to those two topics. Never filed bankruptcy, always paid my debts, handle my own evictions, have my own contract and to date, have never lost. I've never had a judgement against me and I've never lost a house, or any other asset since I started in 1993, or at any other time, ever!

Finally went on an AZ hunt last year, first time I ever put in. I've paid my dues and will never fully retire. But we are protected the best I can do and being conservative  works for us. I've shared some very personal and important information. Use it wisely. I chose to guarantee our success and I'm still learning.

Best wishes all and good luck.

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