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2012 Kaibab buck for Carsten!

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A good friend of ours has been chomping at the bit all year for his son's Kaibab hunt.

I know Greg put a lot of thought and effort into making sure his son Carsten enjoyed his hunt.

Not only was he hoping for a good buck, but he wanted Carsten to enjoy the hunt in it's entirety.


All of Greg's hard work and scouting paid off! Congratulations Carsten!

I wish I could have been as cool as you when I was twelve years old!


Here is the story in Greg's words:



"What a super hunt...


We use several hunting tactics that Carsten learnt from.


We set up and spotted with tripods and binos...I was able to get a couple large 4 pointers chasing does in the field of

view for Carsten to watch, he also saw a smaller buck come in on a doe and a large one chase it off.


We went on a pretty good hike and did some spot and stalk.


We followed a monster buck on our hands and knees in the juniper trying to get a shot.


We set on a water tank and had over 30 deer come in one evening...we were within 20 yards and could here them drinking and bleating with each other, several were bucks I would have taken on any other hunt.


And we finished it up with Carsten calmly adjusting his scope power, making sure he was on the right deer, while I am screaming shoot beneath my breath as the Buck was taking his last step into some oaks, and most likely disappearing forever, Carsten shoots and calmly says, I got him...


At the shot, the buck jumped and took off...we walked/ran to where the buck was and put a piece of paper towel marking the spot. (I didn't see any blood at the time) We then waited for a very long 30 minutes before searching around. Carsten actually was the one that found the blood from the shot, and was better at trailing the blood trail than I was...spotting little specks of blood on sticks and rocks.


The buck ran about 100 yards where we found him. Carsten hit him right behind the shoulder and double lunged him.

One shot was all it took!


We had an all around amazing time, and I think Carsten is hooked on hunting!"


29" outside width...







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It was cool to have Greg call me from the mountain all excited after finding the buck.

I got the quick rundown and then my phone later beeped with this..





Congrats again Carsten! You were definitely the topic of conversation down here in the valley that morning!

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That it awesome. Congrats to he hunter and family. Beautiful buck.

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Great story and great buck! Loved everything about it! Way to go to all!

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you da man, Carsten!

what a great buck!

what a great Dad!



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