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Son's First Archery Bull

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Since it was brutal hot on opening day we decided to sit water for the evening of opening day. The bulls weren't making a sound and about 6:15 pm this bull came running into the tank. A quick range of 29 yards and my son smoked him. He told me later that his heart was pounding so hard that it gave him a headache. One of the best moments of my life sitting next to my buddy watching that arrow punch into the chest of that bull. Proud of you son! post-1757-0-43864400-1442453926_thumb.jpegpost-1757-0-21736600-1442453945_thumb.jpeg



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That is awsome and you must be proud. I can't wait till those days even though I ask my son all the time to stop growing. His answer still is the same every time to that question, "Dad, I don't know how to stop growing."

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