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Son's first javelina

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My son decided last year he wanted to go javelina hunting. I figured because he has already killed a couple deer with a rifle, I would put him in for the general archery javelina hunt in January. I told him that he needed to start practicing with his bow and be confident out to 40 yards, which he did. About noon on the first morning, I finally glassed up a herd of about 15 pigs. As we started to hike to an area to get up wind, we bumped 4 deer, which proceeded to run right into the middle of them and scare them up the hill. We ended up having to hike up some pretty rough terrain, but eventually got to a point where I figured we would be above them. Not long after working our way down, we ended up hearing them not to far away. After passing on a small one at 10 yards, he finally got a decent sized pig at 20 yards, standing broadside, eating on a cactus. He let the arrow fly and hit it a little back, but was able to get on it again real soon and put a finishing shot in it. Unlike his dad, he didn't lose any arrows or miss any shots. Lol. Rest of the weekend was spent chasing quail with him. Love spending time in the hills with my kids.

Mason javelina.jpg

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