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Practice pays off

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Hey guys,

Have not used a rifle since 2009.  Decided that practice is key, so I started practicing for the shot, only a few shots at a time.  Mostly sitting once I got sighted in, and never more than ten shots at a time.  Usually, two to four, doing the thoughtful practice as they call it in archery. Became comfortable out to 130 yards, in the sitting position, with open sighted 30-06.  Took this deer first day out, 132 yards, sitting. Light was perfect for open sights. He is kinda  big in the body, with a smaller rack.  Nice to carry a fine rifle in the mountains. Wanted to shoot one of the bigger ones that live up there, but work is work, and incoming gusty wind was the weather.  Overall, a great rifle hunt.  Practice paid off.


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What kind of gun is that?  Where are your 20 power binos and backpack full of stuff.  What brand of camo?  Ahh the good old days.  Nice! 😊


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