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  1. What doesnt Adam complain about? Hes like having a second wife.... They both complain a lot, and neither one puts out!
  2. firstcoueswas80

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    The recent addition of new "roads" since the popularity boom of the UTV is staggering.
  3. firstcoueswas80

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    I would agree that podcasts and social media have basically ruined our little secret of leftover tags.
  4. That's been my dream car for about 20 years.
  5. firstcoueswas80

    Trail cams on camofire

    That's just a preinstalled Instagrsm filter.
  6. firstcoueswas80


    Until the 12x swaros came out, I believe these were the best binos on the market.
  7. firstcoueswas80

    KAHLES K25i IS IN!

    It's amazing what information can be found through a simple (and free) Google search when one posts their home phone number multiple times on the internet, Patrick.
  8. firstcoueswas80

    KAHLES K25i IS IN!

    Cliff dont even waste your time on Patrick Daniel Hibberd.
  9. firstcoueswas80

    Binocular issue

    A. Have you checked the focus? B. Just send them in.
  10. firstcoueswas80

    One of the great Trackers...

    I've worked on the organ pipe National Monument. That is some lonely desolate country out there!
  11. firstcoueswas80

    Anyone get a leftover permit in the mail yet?

    My daughter got both of hers last week.
  12. firstcoueswas80

    Grouper Dinner

    You're probably like me but the opposite, I've ate so much grouper I'm about sick of it. Oh I'm not sick of my elk meat by any means, I just really love a good fish dinner and it's been so long since I had good quality fish! Especially considering I'm the only one in the family that will eat it, minus my five-year-old who will have a few bites with me.
  13. firstcoueswas80

    Last Two Lab Puppies Left

    AKC registered!
  14. firstcoueswas80

    Last Two Lab Puppies Left

    Dumb question, next! I cant keep mine out of the pool I couldn't get my lab into water if his life depended on it.
  15. firstcoueswas80

    Grouper Dinner

    I had very delicious elk tonight, and I'd trade it for the grouper in a heartbeat.