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Canada Bear hunt

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Well I was blessed with what I called a "bucket list hunt" but now I think it's going to be an annual hunt in Canada. Many highs and lows on this trip. Buddy killed during 1st sit and Also had a bear raid the back of his 4 day old truck and steal our 5 gallons of fryer grease with bear attracting mixed in. L.O.L. truck was not damaged but did smell like caramel from a mile away the whole week and had some really awesome bear Footprints all over the bed liner the truck each day we drove down the Dusty Rhodes more dust would settle on the footprints and they look like they were painted in there LOL. Buddy put a bad hit on his bare so we had to track it the next morning and after about a mile of gnarly thick mosquito filled swampy land we found his bear and it actually expired shortly after he shot it the night before because it was ice cold inside.


I did have bear action so have some pics but I did not wanna shoot a 2 or 3 year old bear.

Then the fun began I guess the Outfitter that has a camp beside this one we hunted wants to buy our outfitters bear management property and had cars driving 60 mph back and forth on this hard rocky road and even had guys walking back and forth and around my stand with radios calling to the owner of that property. They also would park 150 yards from me on a road and sit and talk and chat and play the radio so they were trying to ruin my hunt. Every time I tried to hunt there I would have bears come in stand on their back legs listen to the car coming and then turn around and take off. So I asked them to switch stands they told me the Bears don't care about cars we are literally in the middle of nowhere Ontario Canada but I'm having to deal with traffic lol finally when the hunters that were part of the other parties fill their tags they said I could take one of their stands the last evening. Well I climbed up in the stand and it was the warmest night it was hot sun blasting me nobody thought at all when they set up this stand it was just rosti hot and the bait Barrel was only nine yards from the base of my tree. Anyways an hour and maybe an hour and a half into this so I decided I would stand up in the stand take a few pictures just for memories of the tops of the trees so on and so forth and sure enough what happens a big monster bear comes walking in. The bear immediately sense that I was there it started posturing put its ears back dropped its head started coming towards my tree so you know I'm in Canada no pistols allowed all I can do is grab my bear spray and then the bear turned around and started walking out so I quick sat down I did not have time to put my phone back in its holder to video so I just grab my bow got ready in the bear turn back around and started walking towards my tree posturing. AZ the bear went behind the bait Barrel I got bow ready hoping that it was stopping to feed but it came around the bait Barrel and started coming straight at my tree so I don't know I guess I thought it was a coues deer or a javelina at about 7 yards I let my arrow rip right down between his shoulder blades on the back thinking that it would go into the lungs but it surely did not have the effect I was hoping for... the bear spun around barked and ran out with the arrow sticking up at an angle out of its back. We searched and searched and because there was no exit wound I barely had any blood on the ground very little drops of blood the bottom of the brush that would have been touching his back had blood here and there but there just was not enough of a trail to be able to try and track this bear. We recovered the the shaft and about 2 inches of shaft & my Broadhead were left in the bear and then the rest of the shaft was Grease so I don't know if it went down and hit the scapula and then angled my arrow but it surely didn't find his lungs or maybe just hit 1. So I had a big monster bear but I did not bring him home and unfortunately I wounded him. :( I do feel it was fatal shot but probably 1 lung or will be after running with a 125 muzzy hybrid tricar in him and the Country I was in I just never should have shot unless broadside but I truly feel that bear was about to join me in my tree stand. Until the next time...









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Too bad about the bear you shot at. One you'll be kicking yourself for a long time, surely. So whats the story with the rest of the hunt?


Sounds like an unfortunate experience all around with the people trying to interrupt your hunt. I'd be demanding to come back for a free or discounted hunt with him not doing something about it... did he call the Canadian rangers/wardens? In the states that would be completely illegal, but not a big deal up there?


Is that scat in your hand? How was the fishing (other than the one eater walleye)?

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I'm my hand is the blood clot that formed in his bear and when it popped out that's all she wrote. He used a rage hypodermic and although a marginal shot the wound channel was so tremendous it had no choice but death. When you can lay your hand on fur and feel like someone removed a 2x4 from within animal that is a broadhead that does it's job. I have video but can't figure out how to post. As for the problem with the other Outfitter our Outfitter tried making me feel like I was Dumb and that the Bears didn't care about cars and then 3 days into the hunt he had a couple of drinks in them and let it slip that that other guy had been wanting his property for ever and had ruined other people's hunts in the past so as you can imagine I wasn't very happy about that.


Yes I have thought about that shot everyday but I have also thought about the bear that joined my buddy in a tree last year and I'm pretty sure that's what this bear planned on doing with me.


Fishing was good we did not get to do any Bush Lakes because I kept hunting so all we did was the main bigger lakes and we caught tons of walleye the biggest I caught was 24 in. Some of the guys that shot little bears just to get their hunt over with hit the bush lakes and they caught some monster while eyes and I guess they would catch a good hundred plus walleye in a day a person but limit of 4 keepers 1 within size slot

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These bears that my buddy had tag for in his home state for week we returned kinda screwed with my judgement. L.O.L.






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Looks like it was an exciting hunt! Nice bear your buddy got. Sorry you didn't get yours! But maybe you will get him next time.

It was a blast! I do wish I had harvested 1st day or 2 like buddy so I could fish more. The bear he took was the smallest he's ever taken there and I think he took it so that we could go fishing more LOL. I passed up young ones because I just didn't want to harvest a young bear not when I went all the way to Canada for one you know what I mean. My last night chance was a whopper I just let buck fever rule my thoughts. :/

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