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  1. John O

    Updated price! Custom built 6.5 creedmoor

    Good call on the sell. Archery is way better anyway Bump for a good guy, and for an amazing rifle builder.
  2. John O


  3. Lightly used Hornady Lock-N-Load. Functions perfectly. $100 FTF in the Tucson area.
  4. John O


    Selling a very lightly used Marlin X7 270. Muzzle brake was professionally installed by Craig's Custom Rifles in Tucson. I have two loads that shoot at or under an inch, and can share load data. Very light and very little recoil. $300 FTF in the Tucson area.
  5. 7mm-08, I have cash if it doesn't sell

  6. John O


    Sold, pending funds.
  7. John O


    Selling a very lightly used Marlin X7 7mm-08. This was my daughter's rifle, but she is off to college now and would like to sell it. It shoots just under an inch consistently with my hand loads using Varget and 139 gr. SST's. Muzzle brake was professionally installed by Craig's Custom Rifles in Tucson.(scope and rings not included). $300 FTF in the Tucson area.
  8. John O

    260 Remington

    I bought one of these a year ago and have done significant load development with H4350 and 143 ELDX's. Very happy with accuracy and temp stability. My daughter shot a nice buck at 560 yds with it in November. Very pleased with the results. PM me and I would be happy to share load details.
  9. John O

    Weimaraner for sale!

    One of the best posts I have seen on this site in a LONG time!! Thank you Stanley!! Good luck selling your dog dude.
  10. John O

    More of this

    I saw some posts several months back by members echoing your thoughts. Also some requesting more civility in language and basic respect for other forum members. In both cases the Johnny come lately trolls attacked them as weak, and essentially told them to go find another forum. I've sent messages of concern to moderators. Nothing changes. It's still a good site and I appreciate those who take the time to run it. Josh, Jim, Gino, Lance, and most of the originals have moved on. I have mostly moved on as well, but I also come back around once in a while.
  11. John O


    I had a guy stand me up two weeks ago also. It happens.
  12. John O

    Nice Boar (skull update)

    Nice job Devan!! You da man (again)
  13. John O

    New 9mm

    Back up with price drop. Sale fell through. $175
  14. John O

    New 9mm

    Sold, pending funds.