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  1. John O

    Unit 33 Hunting

    Nice visiting with you last night Dallin. Good luck scouting and on your hunt. For those who were quick to pass judgment on this guy thinking he was wanting a free handout, you were wrong. Like many of us, sometimes we need a little advice or direction to get started in an area. He is more than willing to scout and put in the time. Perhaps some need to keep with the original spirit of this site more often, and be willing to help others build meaningful memories hunting with family and friends. Over the years several on this site have done this for me, and my door is always open to help anyone out there who needs a little support.
  2. John O

    162 gr ELDx

    For sale 1 unopened box (100) of 7mm (.284") 162 gr Hornady ELDx bullets. $55 FTF in the Tucson/Marana area, or I will ship for $10.
  3. John O

    Night stands and dresser for sale

    Great deal, good luck.
  4. John O


    You've got to be kidding me.
  5. I'm looking for one box of 100 large pistol magnum primers. Willing to pay cash, or trade equal quantity CCI 400 small rifle primers plus some cash. I live in the Tucson/Marana area. If you are interested in other trades let me know, I have a fair amount of stuff on hand.
  6. John O

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family.
  7. John O

    A bunch of BS!

    Get a prepaid debit card, put money on it, use it once on something small to make sure it works, use it for your application, don't use it for anything else. Almost zero risk of any issues happening.
  8. John O

    Brass, Bullets, dies, and powder

    PM sent on ELDx bullets.
  9. John O


  10. John O


    I'm looking for 1-2 lb of IMR8133. Willing to pay cash, or partial trade for 9mm or CCI 400 small rifle primers. Not interested in selling primers or 9mm. Shoot me a PM if you have some. Thanks.
  11. John O

    Unit 33 javelina I’ve lost them gone

    There are a few resident herds always within a mile of Peppersauce. Pack light, and go beat the bushes and cover ground until you push them. Other option is above Golder Ranch, but they are tough to find in that country. Good luck!
  12. John O


    I'll take it. PM inbound.
  13. John O

    7mm mag reload questions

    Interesting. I ended up at almost the identical load(63 gr IMR 7828) but with 162 ELDx's, 25 mils off the lands. Need to re-verify and do some fine tuning with seating depth, but I'm definitely close. Not winning any speed records, but SD below 8, and 5 shot group under an inch for a factory Tikka. For the original question- Some factory guns are real shooters but most aren't. With your numbers, if you can get close to an inch, repeated twice with two 5 shot groups, you'd be in pretty good shape. If you're way off from that, you'll need to invest more time and money, or consider other powder/bullets. Good luck, and take your time and be safe.
  14. John O

    Brass 223 30-06

    PM sent on 9mm brass.