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  1. I have a telescope that I am trying to sell. Hopefully someone has a kid wanting to get into astronomy. It is a 4” tube, and comes with it’s own legs, as it is a tracking model (motorized), also has 2 eyepieces, one is 26mm (48x) and 9.7mm (129x), and a great backpack. You will have no problem seeing the rings of Saturn. I will also throw in a surveyor’s tripod. Looking to get $175. Text me with any questions. Mike 602-430-5249. Thanks for looking and happy holidays.
  2. 257wby

    Fox pro Wildfire for sale

    Sold, thanks for the interest. Nice meeting you Ryan.
  3. 257wby

    Fox pro Wildfire for sale

    Cleaning out the safe, and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this. I haven’t used it in a couple of years, but everything seems to be working as it should. Also comes with a fluffy/spinning decoy. Just looking to get $50 for all of it. Text me with questions. Mike 602-430-5249
  4. 257wby

    Looking for 410 single shot

    John it was great to meet you and give you big kudos for what you and everyone else have done. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the kids getting after the squirrels.
  5. 257wby

    Diamond Black Ice

    Any offers? Trades?
  6. 257wby

    Diamond Black Ice

    Diamond Black Ice, RH, 60-70#, 29” draw, Tru-glo sights, Whisker Biscuit, Jim Fletcher release, 8 Easton Axis 340 arrows, (6) 85 gr Thunderhead broad heads, removable quiver, Plano hard case,. I also have an arrow storage box I’ll throw in. Bow would be great for someone just getting started. Looking to get $275 for everything, including anything else I can find laying around.
  7. 257wby

    Remington 700 gunsmith

    There is no difference between an empty case, factory round , or reload.
  8. 257wby

    Remington 700 gunsmith

    Free bore is about 0.35 if I remember correctly. IMR 7828 SSC. 69 grains @ 3425 fps 115gr Nosler BT this doesnt explain why the bolt is tight on a case right out of the box though. Don’t know about the shoulder. This is not a fair representation of the marring. I was cycling the bolt several times with this case it. I put some marker on the lugs trying to see where the tightness was.
  9. 257wby

    Remington 700 gunsmith

    It has the same amount of free-bore as my old Weatherby Vanguard did. It has been like this since day one and has even been returned to Remington to make sure it was within spec. When I got it back it was only slightly better. I sold my old Weatherby to a buddy and I load the exact same rounds for him with no issues as far as pressure.
  10. 257wby

    Remington 700 gunsmith

    It is the same between factory loads and my loads. My loads are straight out of the Nosler book. Even when I put in a factory load, it seems like the head space of off as the bolt is tight to close. This case was cycle several times, so the marring is a little exaggerated.
  11. 257wby

    Remington 700 gunsmith

    I am seeing some marring on the bottom of the cartridge case and the bolt seems tighter than it should be.
  12. Who are you guys using for you Remington 700’s? Looking for someone in NW valley.
  13. 257wby

    Weatherby Vanguard Sub Moa 300 wsm

    How many rounds down the pipe? Let me know if JunctionBoy doesn’t take it.
  14. 257wby

    Trailer tool box

  15. 257wby

    Trailer tool box

    I am in Surprise. SPF.