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  1. 257wby

    Sofa for sale

  2. 257wby

    Sofa for sale

    Lazy Boy, James reclining sofa for sale. Bomber jacket color and feel, 87” wide, 40” tall, 41” deep, 66” deep when reclined. Sofa is 6 years old, no stains or tears, and backs come off for transporting. Located in Surprise, asking $300 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  3. 257wby


    Sweet gun!
  4. Thinking about getting my AR barrel threaded (20”bull barrel). Anyone have any suggestions on where to take it? Preferably west valley if possible. Thanks, Mike
  5. 257wby

    7 East/west

    Sounds like it will be crowded, see you guys up there.
  6. 257wby


    PM sent
  7. You’re killing me. Somebody save me some money and take this already.
  8. 257wby

    Savage 11 XP Trophy Hunter 7mm-08

    Passed the info on to a friend who is not on here.
  9. 257wby

    springfield range officer 1911 9mm

    PM sent
  10. 257wby

    Tool boxes for sale

    Craftsman box sold, thanks Travis
  11. 257wby

    Tool boxes for sale

    Craftsman SPF.
  12. 257wby

    Tool boxes for sale

    Any offers?
  13. 257wby

    Tool boxes for sale

  14. 257wby

    Tool boxes for sale

  15. 257wby

    Tool boxes for sale

    Still available.