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  1. whiteeye

    Gen II Vortex PST 5x25x50 Scope MOA - SOLD

    The MRAD one has sold. MOA one left.
  2. I have a like new Vortex Viper PST 5x25x50 Gen II MOA scope for sale. The rings shown in the photo are NOT included in the price. If you are interested in the rings, add $125 to the price. (Vortex Precision Match Rings.) Specs here: https://vortexoptics.com/viper-pst-gen-2-5-25x50-ffp.html PRICE: $700 Cash or I can also take credit cards (Add $25 to the cost for each for cc processing fee.) No trades or checks. Local (Gilbert AZ) pickup only. If interested, email me at whiteeye39@yahoo.com. If you are reading this post, it is still available. Note: There is something that looks like water on the top of the scope in this photo. I have no idea what that is. It must be glare from the photo or something because there is nothing on the actual scope.
  3. I have 300 CCI Large Pistol Primers I am looking to trade 1/1 for 300 Large Rifle Primers if anyone is interested. Any US manufactured brad is acceptable. NO MAGNUM. In-person trade only in Gilbert AZ.
  4. whiteeye

    Savage 110 Ultralight - SOLD

    Item has been sold.
  5. READY TO SHOOT PACKAGE - Just add your scope and you will have everything you need to get started in precision rifle. PACKAGE INCLUDES - GEN 3 Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. - Extremely accurate gun - With good ammo and a good shooter, this gun is well capable of consistently shooting 1/2"-1/4" MOA. (See attached photo @800 yrds. Done with this gun and custom reloads - The exact reload recipe will be included.) - Hornady Match Grade 6.5 Creedmoor die set with neck bushing included. - (112) Rounds of ONCE fire Hornaday brass. (Fired from this exact gun) - (50) Rounds of unfired Hornady brass reloads with130 grn. ELD-M bullets. - (23) Rounds of once-fired Hornady brass reloads with130 grn. ELD-M bullets. - Recipe with exact headspace and COL for the above reloads and 140 grn. ELD-M's - the guns favorite load. - 100 Round green Case Guard case that is shown in the photo. - (2) Gen3 Magpul PMAGS - BIPOD IS NOT INCLUDED. UPGRADES TO THE GUN American Precision Little Bastard Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Break w/Custom Tunning Ports - $195. (https://www.americanprecisionarms.com/products/gen-3-little-bastard-self-timing-muzzle-brake) Titanium bolt shroud from Anarchy Outdoors - $75. (https://www.anarchyoutdoors.com/ruger-precision-rifle-bolt-shroud-replacement/) Upgraded cocking piece from AD Arms - $70. ( https://www.anarchyoutdoors.com/ad-arms-billet-ruger-precision-american-rifle-cocking-piece/) Bolt lapped for smooth bolt throw and manipulation. (Smooth as butter and NO annoing "Zipping" sounds from this baby...) Custom cut deer hide leather cheekpiece. Magpul MLOK barricade stop. Note: This is one of my personal firearms. I purchased it new and have owned it ever since. Must be willing to meet in person in SE Gilbert Area. Must be willing to sign a bill of sale. IF INTERESTED, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL: whiteeye39@yahoo.com. Payment Details Price: $1,350 FIRM. Price is not negotiable. Prefer cash. Credit Card Option Available- There is a 3.5% additional fee to use a credit card that will be added to the costs. NO Checks, Money Orders or any other form of payments accepted.
  6. whiteeye

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    It was my first as well.
  7. whiteeye

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    COVID-19 Price reduction.
  8. whiteeye

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    No worries. It's all good either way.
  9. whiteeye

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    If you have questions/concerns over my price, I would recommend you do some research on current and recent historical pricing on these guns. In doing so, you will find that my price point, especially given the total package, is very fair and actually somewhat underpriced when you add up the value of everything included in the package. Here is a current listing to help get you started with your research: https://www.armslist.com/posts/10501030/tulsa-oklahoma-rifles-for-sale--remington-788-6mm-.
  10. whiteeye

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    Yes, it is. It took me a few years to find a good one for a decent price. It is an OEM magazine, not a generic knockoff like a lot of them out there are.
  11. whiteeye

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    Interesting. I also own a 25-06 BDL 700 and I would say that the factory trigger on it is much nicer than the factory one that came on this 788. I found the factory 788 trigger to be a little heavy for my liking. So I traded it out for a Timney a few years ago and never looked back. If the factory stock is not sexy enough for someone, there are a ton of aftermarket stocks out there that one could purchase to make it as sexy as they wanted.
  12. 2-01-21: Gun has been sold. ($850 on Gunbroker.) I cant figure out how to delete this.