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    My Savior Jesus Christ, my wonderful family and one of God's sweetest creations, Coues deer!

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  1. GRONG

    Love hunting in the snow...

    What a fantastic archery buck! That buck on the couch aint no slouch either 😎
  2. HOLY BUCKETS!!! Congrats to all you guys, all great trophies!!
  3. GRONG

    How to price trophy coues deer

    I'll go $400. Congrats on a nice find! Josh
  4. GRONG

    My Little Princess's First Kill

    Oh man that is fantastic!! Squirrels were made for kids to shoot IMO Thanks for sharing proud dad
  5. I knew he'd paid something for them but he didn't really want anything for them since I told him they were stolen. I offered him $30 for them and he was very happy to get that and happy that I knew of the deer and whom it belonged to. He told me the name of the guy but I'd never heard of him. He came back a week later to sell some more and I asked him again and he said the same name so I'm pretty sure it wasn't this guy that stole them. But I still can't remember the name. LOL! Kelly something...
  6. GRONG

    Any antler buyers?

    Awfully nice of you Amanda 😉
  7. GRONG

    Shed season

    True story Taylor
  8. Good news good news! 11 years ago I started this thread and I'm happy to say that it has come to an end. 2 weeks ago while buying some antlers off a man from Cottonwood I immediately recognized a set of muley antlers in the pile. I pulled them out and recognized them within seconds. I looked at him and said where in the heck did you get these?! He told me about buying them off a man from Camp Verde about 5 or 6 years ago. I then told him how they were stolen from my friends cabin and how the cabin had been vandalized so bad. I called my friend Ed immediately and told him that I had his Utah muley. He couldn't believe it!! Yesterday I met him and gave them back to him. Needless to say he was very very happy! Josh
  9. GRONG

    Interesting Buck Part 2.....

    WHOA!!!! That is freakin awesome man!!
  10. GRONG

    Buck of a lifetime!!

    That buck is just freakin amazing!! If any other pictures of it surface I'd sure love to see em. ie: Mounted or anything would be awesome!
  11. GRONG

    Favorite dead head

    Great finds everyone! Sheesh that's some good stuff.
  12. GRONG

    Hunt Namibia, Africa!

    Just saw this post. LOVED all the pics guys!! Congrats on a killer safari!!
  13. GRONG

    A Special December Hunt 2016

    Ya that is just awesome!!
  14. GRONG

    Happy Birthday Grong

    Hey thanks guys! Ya I'll be headed down on the 17th for 12 days, can't wait!! Headed to a new ranch this year, always have high hopes of course