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Some new photos from May

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For Mother's Day this year, my son & his girlfriend took me kayaking on the Salt River. The horses never cease to amaze me, but this was the first time I've kayaked through the middle of the herd. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day gift than this. Plus a very nice man took our picture with a drone and e-mailed it to us. I'm the one in the back teaching my grandbaby dog how to ride on a kayak. I was sure hoping he wasn't taking pictures at first because Koa needed a little time to get used to riding on the kayak and it was a bit of an embarrassing adventure at first.









I really don't know what to say, but what a cute smile ;) (please zoom in on this one)



These were taken during my feeble attempt at turkey hunting this year. I was supposed to go a different time, but ended up at the Tucson Mule Deer Federation Banquet and was so glad I did. I've never been to a banquet like that before and they do absolutely wonderful things for the mule deer in our state! It was almost better than turkey hunting, but not quite...lol I did manage to see the end of a rainbow (my first) while turkey hunting, lots of deer & elk, and quite a bit of snow but I struck out in the turkey department.





I recently came across this Gila Monster. I can still count on one hand how many I've seen in the wild.



Patch nose snake that had recently eaten another snake (notice the lumpy body).



Invasive soft shell turtle I caught with my fishing pole



Glossy snake & I thought the picture of me taking this picture was kinda neat so I'm including it too. I do have a long lens, but I still have to get somewhat close.

post-5072-0-57929200-1432678997_thumb.jpg post-5072-0-69579100-1432679078_thumb.jpg


Greater Earless & Desert Spiny lizards

post-5072-0-94760300-1432679334_thumb.jpg post-5072-0-43666300-1432679371_thumb.jpg


A very angry Gopher Snake



Photographed on foot at 50 yards (not by the lakes - this was a different unit). It was interesting. They are so different than deer or elk. I felt like I was their zoo and it was me they came to see. The little guy was a complete stitch to watch. He was running and jumping everywhere. Sure was fun to watch.

post-5072-0-72965300-1432679620_thumb.jpg post-5072-0-33966000-1432679937_thumb.jpg

post-5072-0-23127600-1432679983_thumb.jpg post-5072-0-09474200-1432680016_thumb.jpg


And finally this summer don't forget to TAKE A KID FISHING!











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nice posting - nothing like enjoying the outdoors and having fantastic photo's to remember and share


as far as the cow - momma told him not to chew cactus - it was bad for his teeth

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I really enjoy seeing the pics you post up. Keep up the great work!


My favorite is of the solo horse feeding in the water!

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Cool pictures thanks for sharing

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I always enjoy your posts and pictures Christina. The only problem is, they remind me how much I'm missing out on. Keep up the good work.

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Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!

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I sure did enjoy looking at your pictures. Don't get on here as much as I'ld like and I'm sure glad I ran across this thread. Your getting really good at this picture taking. Keep'em coming! :)



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