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Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

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9 hours ago, Delw said:

Come on idgaf its getting late and I need an update!

you either killed one and still packing it out with no cel service, or you went home early and took a nap. ;)

you do realize you have higher viewer Ratings than CNN



You can't compare me to CNN what I show is true, hahaha. Yesterday I set up on 75 yards on the wrong side of perfect. These guys walked around me and bedded 130 yards southeast of me. When the wind did what its been doing.  It became a track meet


Had to take care of Kitty midday.  I miss when g&f was run by hunters.  I've been sic, two meals the last three days so it finally caught up to me and I had to rest.  Afternoon nothing. 

This morning I had everything nearly perfect. One of the bigger of the big bulls is was coming with maybe another dozen friends.  Then for the first time for about three minutes the wind was from the southeast to northwest.  And they cut across the fields fast.  Better pics later


Hoping the come back to a point quarter mile north of where I spooked them ready right now.  I'll wait a bit and then start glassing other parts

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7 hours ago, Ohthatguy said:

You do realize that you have to change your user name don't you?

Vincent Vega 



I switched back to Fred but I forgot my password and changed email addresses

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cool vid , not many people have a pic of a lion they shot running away a video of said lion getting wacked and the lion it self. FANTASTIC.

let alone pics of an incredible couple of days in the field with many many bull elk.

keep it up. you going to quit if it starts snowing, something tells me those pictures and the story would be beyond EPIC.



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6 hours ago, PRDATR said:

Did the cat run off after it jumped out of the tree or did it die right there?

it ran and treed again

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The final plot twist of this story took place today.  Outcome TBD


This morning I had this bull on a string to pass me @ 50 yards then that storm front started moving in and changed the wind patterns that had been constant since the beginning of the hunt. 




They left Bulltopia

Had to check emails and return calls so I went to Springerville for lunch.  saw this

immature banded bald eagle eating roadkill


I do what I have to do.  And decide to go up to my original honey hole before I was distracted by Bulltopia.  Three trail cameras and I got 1 picture of a Bull.  even the horses are gone.  Something is not right so I left.  

I decide to drive into bulltopia , I pass a white toyota on the side of the road and a few hundred yards later I spook 4 bulls with my driving. I feel bad I hate when that happens to me. I take a couple of pics and keep heading in.  I decide about half way that I am not going to make it and know that the toyota is going to cross the field to go after those four little bulls.   I figured, why not.  I sneak in wind is good enough, Cover is adequate.   I get to 65 yards and take aim at the closest bull.  He spooks and a chinese fire drill is taking place.  I climb a little ledge and A bull that wasnt part of the drill is standing broadside and a good distance but a shot I practiced quite a bit.  I was determined.  I pull back, settle in and squeeze.  I hear the crack of the arrow hitting rib.  It runs and stops after about 60 yards, I glass my fletching sticking out about 14 inches.  half way up and two inches behind the shoulder.  I hear a crash. I have nothing with me to see.  I follow the trail until around 730 and call it.  I will be back first thing in the morning. No matter what the hunting part of this done.  

Which bull did I shoot? (im asking im not quite positive)




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heck Yah!  I can't wait to hear the rest of the story tomorrow.  Enjoy not getting any sleep tonight!  It sounds like he won't be far!

I HIGHLY applaud you for ending your hunt either way, knowing you hit and likely killed the bull!!!!!!!

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WOW great pics again and story.

I'm guessing you wacked the really wide one on the right.  good luck in the AM you guys expecting snow up there tonight.

cant wait for tomorrows out come



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This has probably been my favorite thread ever. Good job can't wait to check in tomorrow and see what bull you get to take home. 

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