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New Year’s Eve buck

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Thanks to deer not being so wise during the rut, I was able to bring this buck home with a last ditch evening hunt for the year. The rolling hills and cliffs near me, when they are in the rut, are very conducive to hunting as follows: walk until you see some in a little canyon, since you are not being careful, they are usually standing up and looking at you but they usually don’t spook too bad, back out the way you came until they can’t see you, and circle around down wind and pop over as close to them as you can for a shot. Shot this guy from a large boulder cliff, 67 yards down hill.




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Very nice buck - lots of character.  I have always liked those dark-antlered desert bucks.  And with the winds that swirl around those Kingman hills and canyons, I would say that was more than respectable shooting too!


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Another nice one!  Sneaker’s got this mule deer game on cruise control.  Congrats! :)

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