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  1. ScottAdams

    SOLD: Swarovski 12x50 EL

    Price Reduced $2100
  2. ScottAdams

    SOLD: Swarovski 12x50 EL

    Not at this point. Right now I need the cash. Thank you for the offer though. Scott
  3. ScottAdams

    SOLD: Swarovski 12x50 EL

    I'm selling my trusty 12x50EL's. Very well maintained and always cased. Lenses are perfect! Includes all factory accessories, original box and carrying case that came with it when new. Installed Outdoorsman's stud and adapter are also included. Shows some slight wear on the black edges and on the "SWAROVSKI" name plate, but functionally perfect. $2100 OBO
  4. ScottAdams

    Old ammo and boxes

    I'm interested in the old boxes.
  5. I might be free to go out with you.  Is it Mule deer or Coues?  Have you hunted the unit before?

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    2. ScottAdams


      I live just across the state line outside of Clifton.  Keep in touch and I'll see how my schedule shapes up.  Let me know if you do any scouting trips and I'll see if I'm free for that as well.  928-651-3908

    3. Splatt


      I won't do any scouting, but you plan on hunting or ?

      Got a 4 wheeler ? Its how we get around.



    4. ScottAdams


      I have a side by side.  What's the date of your hunt?

  6. ScottAdams

    Help from NC

    This is why I've loved this site since 2003! You guys are great!!
  7. That buck is beautiful!! Great work!!
  8. ScottAdams

    Elk hunting with Lee Marvin

    That is so cool!!! I loved Lee Marvin!!
  9. ScottAdams

    More of this

    I miss those early days of CWT.com. I still read the forum every couple of weeks but rarely post here these days even though I still have great hunting success. It seems a lot of times these posts will get those knotheads that want to nitpick everything. I mostly post my stuff on my Instagram account. Scott
  10. ScottAdams

    Late archery success

    Congratulations!! That's quite a feat!!
  11. ScottAdams

    Mule Deer Unit 27 AZ in Jan

    191 stays open year round. However they generally don't plow it on weekends.
  12. ScottAdams

    Glassing Chair

    We've started using the Helinox Chair Zero. It is 4 legged but the chair flexes on uneven ground. Weighs less than a pound and is extremely well made and strong. They're great for backpacking. https://www.amazon.com/Helinox-Chair-Zero-Black-Size/dp/B01M07GTOE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542751479&sr=8-3&keywords=helinox+chair+zero+camp+chair
  13. ScottAdams

    BTX, what power?

    That is correct, you have either the 30x or 35x depending on the objective. The 65mm is tough to beat for the price and size!
  14. ScottAdams

    Who won?

    The bulls were on the small side this year Jim. The guy we helped in unit 1 killed but it was no monster.
  15. ScottAdams

    First Archery Coues deer

    Great buck JC!! Congratulations!!!