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Lots of reloading stuff! Primers/powders/brass/bullets

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Okay guys, I have decided to sell all my reloading stuff. I currently have a regular job and do taxidermy on the side. I am finally going to take the leap into doing it full time. Looking to sell all this stuff just to have extra cash just in case. Really not super excited about selling all of it but I need to sacrifice something! Here is the list that I came up with last night. There are still some things that I don’t have on this list but they will eventually get posted also. I upgraded a lot of my stuff this past year or two so some of the dies are still brand new. 

Must be willing to pick up in Chandler Az!



Peterson Cartridge 100 total- 50 New sealed/ 50 new primed w/ Fed 210M (2 cartridges were loaded as dummy rounds and have scratches on the outside of case). Same lot $175

ADG 100 total- 50 new sealed/ 50 new primed w/ Fed 210M 2 different lot #’s $200

300 RUM 

Norma 50 new unprimed $110



204 Ruger

RCBS Matchmaster FL bushing dies Product#10308 new$150

Lee Factory Crimp Die new $12

22-250 Rem

RCBS FL Die Set Product #10601 used no de-capping pin $25

6.5 PRC

Forster Ultra Micrometer Seating Die used to seat 8 bullets $90

Hornady 2 Die Set FL Product #546281 used $40

Lee factory crimp die new $12

280 Rem 

Lee Factory Crimp Die new $12

300 RUM

Redding Type S Bushing Die new Product #77288 $65

Forster FL Die Set w/ Micrometer Seater Product #U04462 used $125

Lee Factory Crimp Die new $12 



CFE 223 8lbs new $250

Win Super Handicap 8lbs new $240



Small Rifle 

CCI No 41 200 $20

WIN WSR 300 $20

Fed 205 2000/different lots $100/ea

Small Rifle Mag

CCI 450 1000 $120



20 cal

400 Hornady 32gr V-max $20/ea



300 Hornady 150gr Eld-x, same lot, 1 box open but bag is sealed $45/ea


30 cal

67 Hornady 178gr Eld-x $30

73 Hornady 212gr Eld-x $30

200 Hornady 220gr Eld-x same lot $50/ea



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16 minutes ago, Ernesto C said:

Oh man! Those Federal 215's. You can't ship primers right? Or can you?


Sorry Ernesto but can’t ship primers. 

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I’ll take the 3 lbs of Varget, and all the .22 cal projectiles

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I’ll take a pound of H4350, sending PM

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