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AZ Ground Pounders

Philip Barret's 2014 Auction Tag Coues Buck

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The story of Philip Barret's Giant Coues buck started in the summer of 2013 when the AZ Ground Pounders Crew were out looking for big Coues Bucks. Levi glassed a buck and immediately let everyone know that he had just glassed a giant. The AZ Ground Pounders put the Swarovski spotting scope on the buck and Levi pulled out the Tines Up Camera and started to get video. The Tines Up camera ran out of battery because Waylon had filmed elk the night before and left the camera on over night. Levi was so angry that he started throwing rocks at Waylon. The Ground Pounders all agreed that the buck was something to keep an eye on. The Ground Pounders got a few trail camera pictures of the buck over the next year.





In the summer of 2014 the AZ Ground Pounders set out to find the Big Framed Buck. In July the Big Buck showed back up on the camera and the Ground Pounders crew hoped that he would keep growing over the next month. When he showed back up in Mid August he had blown up over the past month. A few calls were made and Philip let the AZ Ground Pounders know he would be hunting with the crew.








The AZ Ground Pounders Crew set out to find and kill the big the Big Framed Buck. On the first morning of the hunt Steel glassed the buck.  He had grown out to be bigger than any of us had expected.  The Ground Pounders got Philip set up for a shot but the old smart buck did not allow the Crew to kill the buck. Later that day Cash glassed the buck up but the buck did not allow Philip to get a shot. The Ground Pounders knew that if everyone stayed positive they would be able to kill the buck but it would take team work and precision.

The next morning the Ground Pounders crew spread out to cover more country and surround the buck. At about 7:30 Waylon glassed the buck getting up from his bed. From over 800 yards Waylon knew that it was the Big Buck. Cash and Philip made the move over to get a better position for the shot. Waylon, Cash and Jesus set up Philip on a dead steady rest and waited for the big buck to get up from his bed. When the buck got up he moved to the right. Waylon ranged  the buck at 902 yards with the G7 rangefinder. Philip turned the turret on his G7 Rifle Scope and steadied his Gunwerks 7mm Mag on the buck. Philip squeezed the trigger. The shot was true. The buck was hit hard and he ran down the hill to bed.  After a few hour wait to make sure that the buck had expired Cash, Steel and Philip made the trip over and found the Big Buck.











Philip had a buck bigger than anyone expected. The buck official gross greened scored 146 3/8ths Boone and Crockett and 145 6/8ths S.C.I. The buck had over 38 inches of mass and had 16 points. The buck is the biggest Commissioners Tag Coues Buck ever killed. Congrats to Philip on his buck and Congrats to every AZ Ground Pounder involved including Cash, Steel, Levi, Jimbo, Waylon, Brett and Jesus. Thanks to Jason Browning for helping the AZ Ground Pounders make the hunt possible.

The AZ Ground Pounders would like to thank Philip for an incredible hunt and for the opportunity to hunt the Commissioners Tag Coues Buck.




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Big time congratulations guys.

That buck made my jaw hit the floor.


Congratulations to the hunter on a fantastic shot on a phenomenal trophy.

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Wow! Congratulations to all involved on taking a true giant! Great pictures and recap.

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