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San Carlos Rez Bucks 118/121

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Happy New 2017 Hunting Year!!! We started out with 2 really good bucks here on the Rez. First buck was shot at 500 yards in Unit B and gross scores 118 1/8. 2nd buck was a challenging hike in the rock cliffs and well worth it with a 150 yard shot. Buck scores 121 which is very uncommon for the unit we were hunting which was unit D. Very blessed to hunt with these individuals and tag some great coues. God bless you hunters this year and be safe.




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Great bucks! Why do you say uncommon for unit D? Years ago unit D (I thought) was the premier unit.

Still great unit to hunt.... just quality was down for couple years. This is the biggest buck I've seen in that Unit since I've been born. lol.

Lots of cuts, canyons and basins where they hang out. Gotta hunt hard.

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