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Unit 27 stud bull!

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Well after a long patient wait I finally drew a good archery bull tag. Many hours scouting and more money spent than I would like to admit definitely paid off. The hunt started and hopes were high to quickly get shut down by a tough first week of hunting. Bulls were pretty quiet for the most part and hunters were everywhere, especially wherever the bulls were bugling. Well after a couple blown stalks and passing on some smaller bulls we found this guy and a few of his buddies. As luck would have it we were on the wrong side of the canyon and the wind was definitely not in our favor. (Which we battled most of the hunt) The next morning we went in on the other side of the canyon and split up to cover two ridges that we were pretty certain the bulls would go up. (Referring to "we" as my brother and I). I guess luck was a little on my side as I heard a bugle headed up the ridge I was on and after a couple quick moves I was in position as this bad boy and his one cow came out above me. In a slight panic and a couple duck sounding cow cows later to get him to stop I finally got a chirp out and he stopped. I let the arrow fly, watched him stumble up the hill 30 yds and lay down. After what seemed like forever he made his final death kicks and that was it. Was definitely a tough hunt but couldn't be happier being able to spend it with my brother!






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Beautiful BULL! Congrats!

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