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Youth Cow Hunt

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We started hiking to an area just before sunrise. We sat on a small hillside and could hear a bull screaming a few hundred yards away. Ten minutes later one of the larger bulls that I've ever seen was standing 30 feet from my son, he busted us, screamed and ran off. We waited awhile and started to hike where he came from, but never found him or any ladies, so we left dropped a cam and left the area. We spent the rest of the day hitting a bunch of other solid areas and had a near miss with hitting a bull and a few cows that blasted just feet in front my bumper. That miss is a whole other story.


Once again, we started the morning with a nice hike just before sunrise. We got settled-in hillside, and things got loud quick. It sounded like multiple bulls in the draw around for us. We fought the urge to get up and go look to see if they were coming our direction. Minutes later, I could just barely see 4-5 cows moving in slowly at a few hundred yards out with a decent bull trailing them. The bull stayed back and the cows made it to about 70+ yards from us. My son was all in at this point, but the cows were moving all over this small area and the target kept changing. The bull that was with them was sounding off big time and looking in our general direction. I can’t imagine what it took for my kid to filter out everything and focus on one of the larger cows that had now stayed still. I could hear Carson say “I got it Dad, can I take the shot” and I responded “do it up son”. A few seconds later he says “I got it Dad, can I take the shot” and responded “yes, do it up…I said”. A few more seconds go by and now he turns around to me and says “I got it Dad, can I take the SHOT” and I responded “TAKE THE dang SHOT SON” followed by a smack on the back of his head. A few seconds later I hear the safety pop and he takes the shot. I just remember watching the cow take ten steps or so and was like did he miss… then I see a perfect lung shot for split second just before it dropped and expired a minute or so later.

 We put in all kinds of work camping, scouting, and hiking for my son's youth cow hunt. Outside of fresh sign we never turned up much besides a few random spots to sit and water littered with cameras. I started chatting with one of the members here and he gave us some solid leads. Out of complete respect for Beaton, I left out most of the detail. I can't thank you enough Beaton, very much appreciated man! This was Carson’s first big game hunt, so you made me look good and sure as crap set expectations high for his deer and pig tags down south in a few weeks… ha.



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28 minutes ago, AzDiamondHeat said:

Perfect. Well done.

i really like that another member was willing to help. That seems to be a common story. This is how it should be.


For sure there are some really good people on here. 

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