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  1. 105Coues

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    I hear ya! Me too! August as well.
  2. 105Coues

    Monday morning success

    Beautiful bull brother! Congrats!
  3. Wtf is a pug mark? I didn't even know we had wild pugs in az...lol Always cool to see a lion and even more awesome to watch them when they don't know you are there. I have been fortunate to have seen quite a few but rarely see them first.
  4. Awesome video! Well done. Congrats to the misses on a great buck!
  5. 105Coues

    I drew 12aw late hunt.

    Awesome Hunt! Best advice I can give is Don't let the number of hunters and guides discourage you. Just do your thing.. best scouting is just before the hunt. And frigging cold is spot on. Good luck!
  6. 105Coues

    Barrel flute in az

    All I can say is dang! Phenomenal shooting with obviously highly accurate rifles and ammo. I am very impressed...Well done!
  7. 105Coues

    One Caliber in Arizona

    270 has my vote.
  8. 105Coues

    Draw regs

    Whaaat? Not accurate? I already put in for the hunt with 800% thinking it was a sure thing......
  9. 105Coues

    First timer

    Well said Dirtytaco. Way to step up and help her get into hunting! Tell her congrats.
  10. 105Coues

    Tessa's Bull

    Awesome well done! Congrats!
  11. 105Coues

    Javelina Charge

    A bearded one?
  12. 105Coues

    My Missouri buck

    Great buck! Congrats.
  13. 105Coues

    Hunts for Hero's unit 8

    Sorry, mixed you up with 125coues, who lives in Williams. Thanks anyways! No worries! I was a little confused though. Hope you do well.
  14. 105Coues

    Hunts for Hero's unit 8

    ".Basically in your backyard.." 8 is a looonngg way from my backyard. Good luck friend. Wish I knew something about it that would help you out.
  15. 105Coues

    Hunts for Hero's unit 8

    Good on ya brother for helping out the veterans.