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  1. azrcks

    Sept Archery: 1st half or 2nd half?

    1st week will be great. Dark moon and the bigger bulls will be easier to kill before they gather cows. They may be more vocal the 2nd week but they are harder to call in and kill. 1st week is for killing a monster, second week is for killing a bull.
  2. azrcks

    Whats the deal with unit 10?

    One thing to consider since you cannot get on the Bo until a week before is to purchase a scouting package from an outfitter that knows the area, this will at least get you in an area that historically has goats. PM me if interested, I have some contacts that know that area very well. Also bring a ladder to stand up in the bed of your truck, ratchet strap it down. Works great for glassing in the flats.
  3. azrcks

    lighted nocks

    I have been using the Fire Nock's, if you have micro diameter arrows these are awesome.
  4. azrcks

    Results are up

    Drew another unit 10 early archery bull tag, I have now drawn this hunt 2 times in 3 years!!! Unbelievable!!! Pressure is on to try to top the bull I shot in 2019, that was a great horn growth year, this year might be tougher but 10 has great age class. I AM EXCITED
  5. azrcks

    WTS Outdoorsman Pan Head

    Nope, too many heads and just want to off load it.
  6. azrcks

    WTS Outdoorsman Pan Head

    Selling pan head with 2 plates. Great condition with a few marks from normal wear and tear. $300 For all 3 pieces. I am in Tucson area but will ship at no extra charge.
  7. azrcks

    Wtb outdoorsman tripod head

    Text message sent
  8. azrcks

    Speed goat Wyoming

    I burnt my 4 points in special draw. Got a 108 tag in Carbon county. Did not think I would get it since they cut tags there by 50% since last year. I am stoked! This will be my 6th trip there but first in a unit with better quality.
  9. azrcks

    Cold weather Glassing Gloves

    Kuiu down mittens. Had them for 3 years now. This is exactly what they are made for. My buddy bought the down Outdoor Research ones as well. Just as good.
  10. These are in great shape, no major damage, plenty of tread left. Looking for $200. PM if interested. Size 12, they have Superfeet Orange insoles installed.
  11. azrcks

    Garmin Inreach Explorer+

    For sale and in perfect shape. Please PM if interested. $350
  12. azrcks

    Unit 10 early rifle bull

    I drew the early archery, should be phenominal this year up there. Go to the Boquillas web site, they have all the info there on the rules. Permits are available starting July 25. https://huntbigboranch.com