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  1. This is sold thank you I sold the rifle and do not need an extra scope hanging around. This scope was mounted by me and the rings were lapped before mounting and they were torqued to 18 in/lb. The glass is perfect. I am firm on the price and live in central Az. Thanks $900.00
  2. WalkingW

    4 New trail finder 265 70 17 AT

    I started with the wrong price I want $400 for the set I guess I should have read my add through.
  3. WalkingW

    4 New trail finder 265 70 17 AT

    Light truck?
  4. I have a brand new set of 265 70 17 from discount tire. I will sell them for $400 for the set and I am in the Verde Valley but work in flagstaff. I bought them for a truck I sold before they came in. I do not have anything else that runs 17” rims. I hope these will help someone here out. PM me if interested
  5. WalkingW

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

    One thing I am pointing out is the average western elk is around $12,000 mule deer are getting up there probably pushing 10k sheep are hitting 25k. I was really shell shocked when a friend of mine who is getting long in the tooth was wanting a elk hunt and sick of Not getting an Az tag ask me if I would suggest a place he could hunt a nice bull 320”. When I started looking I was blown away at what they are getting now! Yet this guy gets mere penitence! I guarantee there was more spent to prosecute him than his fines!!!
  6. WalkingW

    Poacher gets Nailed!!!!

    This guy was only fined $4,600.00 what a joke!! Crap some turkey hunts run that much let alone a bighorn! Courts need to get a reality check. I bet the manpower to get this to go to court cost taxpayers exponentially more than the $4,600.00 this scum was charged! This is really disappointing. By taking away scum like this legal right to hunt means absolutely nothing him when he doesn’t hunt legally anyways. I feel we the public need to stand behind our law officers more because our courts sure don’t.
  7. WalkingW

    WTB lil-gun powder

    I would totally be willing to do something like that. I got a led on a store that may have some but I don’t have high hopes. I will let you know tomorrow. Thank you very much. Is there anything you may be looking for?
  8. WalkingW

    WTB lil-gun powder

    I am trying to load up some TSS in my sons 28 gauge and need some Hodgdon Lil’ gun powder. If you have any new Cheddite 16 mm 28gauge hulls I would buy them too. Thank you
  9. My outdoorsman tripod disappeared on my Muzzleloader elk hunt in 21. Not sure how but it is gone. I use this tripod for kids with disabilities. My rifle goes into it so I can help kids that can not hold the rifle or sight it. My name and phone number are engraved on it. I was hoping whoever picked it up would have tried to contact me. I know that someone had to picked it up. I will pay a $100 finders fee No question asked.
  10. WalkingW

    Leupold VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50 Sold

    Scope is Sold Thank You
  11. I decided to just build this rifle for the OE4A kids and my little girl. So I won’t be selling it. Sorry I won this rifle and never even put it together. It is bronze with green, Black and Tan webbed stock. I am firm on $1500.00 if I don’t sell it my little girl can have. I live in the Verde Valley and work in Flagstaff. Thank you
  12. Scope is Sold Thank you I put this scope on for two days before realizing it was to high powered for kids to use. I have no need for it because I don’t shoot center fire. It the Long Range Precision Front Focal TMR. I would like to get $600.00 for it. I am located in the Verde Valley and work in Flagstaff.
  13. WalkingW

    WTB Leupold 8.5X25X50 scope VariXlll or VX3

    I sent you a Pm this is what I have if your interested.
  14. WalkingW

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    Oh My you poor guy! Maybe try to sleep next to the train tracks tonight! You have to be whipped. I hope everything goes well if you need I can help with give me a call.