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Found 75 results

  1. jmwarren65

    January Archery Tips????

    I did some archery hunting 30 years ago and am getting back in to it this January with an OTC deer tag. I have the area located. It is in the junipers on the far north side of the Mogollon rim. Visibility is severely limited. I know where they water. Do I hunt the water hole in January or should I go looking for them? My plan is to be out there 5 to 7 days and I will be setting up a trail cam or two prior to the hunt. After reading through many of the mule deer posts on the forum, I've decided I will get Jim Heffelfinger's book Deer of the Southwest. Looks like it is a good source of info. And I will be contacting the wildlife manager for that unit. Are there any other resources I can look into for more info? Any recommendations from personal experience?
  2. muley224

    Strip Buck

    Just received a pic of the Mule deer harvested by the Raffle winner. Guided by ASG. Just asking if it is OK to post the photo here. Dont want to upset anyone.
  3. Hello! I am pretty new to the site and I have used a lot of the information found to help me in this years hunt. This is my first year archery mule deer hunting and I have had a rough time. Pre season scouting in my area went fairly well locating a couple bucks. At the last second I found out I needed surgery which sat me out for the beginning of the hunt. I have put in two days and I have located a buck, not sure if it is the same one from scouting but he is very similar. I have now glassed this deer in almost the same spot twice now and I am unsure of what to do now. I watched him bed down this morning in a very difficult place and it would not allow me a stalk until I found an alternative way to enter his area. So now I have this question for tomorrow mornings hunt. Should I go into that area where I have seen him multiple times and lay low hoping for his pattern to reuccor and get a shot. Or should I keep glassing and if he shows up again set up for a stalk using the new way I found in. This will be my last day to hunt and I only have the morning to do so(leaving for college). Any help would be appreciated and I hope I can get it done in the short time I have.
  4. Elkaddict

    2014 Buck is on the wall.

    Got my 2014 buck back, another great job by Clay Goldman. Here's a pic I took a week before the season and the finished mount.
  5. Just curious what you think this buck would score and how much bigger he will be this year, if he is still alive?
  6. Buck Norris was struck and killed in Oregon. Identified by ear tag. Im sure is rack was not fully grown at this time. Google search to watch the local news story. They say that his son is around to carry on the gene pool. Son of Chuck.
  7. cvw789

    Plaques and Horn Wraps

    Heres a few horn wraps we finished up this past season with some custom wood plaques. Big ol coues buck with an Az oak Plaque Montana Whitetail with a MT oak plaque Az Coues with a Mesquite Az plaque Az Muley with a Mesquite Az plaque Rag horn bull horn wrap on a oak plaque Mesquite wood plaque before I installed the skulls
  8. Hey y'all, I am new to the state of Arizona and the West in general. Grew up hunting in Ohio, so I am not too familiar with the elevations elk and mule deer hang out in this time of year when they are dropping their antlers. I live around 7000 feet in the Flagstaff area, and I am going to head out tomorrow to look for some sheds. I just plan on finding a more remote area and hiking quite a few miles to see what I can find. Any suggestions on elevations I should hike around? Or does it not really matter? Thanks!
  9. elkkillerwy

    Trade a hunt

    Looking to kill my first coues!!!
  10. Just got this picture from my future son-inlaw. If you have'nt heard of this Buck, his name is " Buck Norris " I googled it and he's real. Lives in town in Bend Oregon. A few great videos of him on Youtube. Wow ! Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and good luck in the Elk/ Antelope draws.

    Need to Fill A tag

    I am looking for some insight of places near Phx I live in Ahwatukee (east valley) I won't be able to drive into trails due to my vehicle situation right now. I don't mind hiking in. Is there any place I should go I am just looking to fill my freezer. Ill shoot a spike i just want some meat in my freezer and 2015 is a new year. Ive shot one deer with my bow before and I am still new (3 years) into hunting. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and I'm not looking for secret spots. I want to go out this week either christmas eve or the day after christmas, possibly the weekend following christmas if permitted by work. Thank you everyone. Thanks, Tj Perez tj.perez90@yahoo.com 480-720-8987
  12. I am looking for some insight of places near Phx I live in Ahwatukee (east valley) I won't be able to drive into trails due to my vehicle situation right now. I don't mind hiking in. Is there any place I should go I am just looking to fill my freezer. Ive shot one deer with my bow before and I am still new (3 years) into hunting. Ill shoot a spike i just want some meat in my freezer and 2015 is a new year. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and I'm not looking for secret spots. I want to go out this week either christmas eve or the day after christmas, possibly the weekend following christmas if permitted by work. Thank you everyone. Thanks, Tj Perez tj.perez90@yahoo.com 480-720-8987
  13. Pixman

    Funny looking Doe

    I thought I would share pics of this unusual looking doe I found today. Its not like she was laying her ears back that is just how they were. Has anyone seen a deer like this before?
  14. Elkaddict

    A dream mule deer buck.

    The 2014 draw results were out and I got drawn for mule deer unit 5, it's where my cabin is and an area I could spend a lot of time looking for a good buck. The problem with this area has been that when I glass a big buck, and I will see 1 or 2 throughout the summer, I will never see him again. I wasn't going to shoot anything but big. My hunting partner Dusty and I were lucky to spot a great buck 10 days before the season and was able to find him 3-4 times before the season. Opening morning I glassed him at 6:15, 1 mile away. Believe me 6:15 is still dark! We put the spotting scope on him ,and when it gathered enough light , confirmed it was the one. We watched the buck go into some trees and to our amazement bedded at 6:30AM. We formulated a plan and by 7:00 I was on my way over to set up for a shot. I got to a spot where the wind would be good and I would have shooting opportunities of 450 to 500 yds. Shooting a 300 Win Mag which has been shot out to a 1000yds with amazing accuracy. So I was comfortable. I say comfortable, I guess that's relative. After I had been there for an hour I decided to do an inventory of my pack. I found I had no water and several packages of granola bars for food. Dry granola for the long run is not the best. Several times during the day Dusty would give me a radio check and tell me things like "he got up and turned around and laid back down" or "he got up and moved to the next tree". It was a long day. After the sun went down I finally saw him come out walking directly towards me. He turned broadside and I checked the range at 480 yards. A final adjustment on the reticule and I was ready. When I shot I got back in the scope and didn't see him. Dusty radioed and said I hit him and he walked behind the tree we had been using as a landmark throughout the day. Light was fading so I took off to look for blood. When I got to where I could see the tree he busted out. I had just enough time to go to the tree and with my flashlight found blood. I made it down with a light and not knowing what kind of hit I had decided to get on the blood trail in the morning. Found him within 100 yds. Had him boned out and ready to pack by 9:00. I have several nice to great coues but this was my first really good mule deer. Gross scored with a little trash at 181" w/ a 27" inside spread. Couldn't be happier.
  15. rcguerena

    First Kaiab Buck

    Bagged this 4x4 in 12AW opening morning. We spotted him and a couple of 2x's coming up a draw to my left from about 500 yards out. I cut over and watched him come up to the top of the draw about 250 yards out where I dropped him when he stepped out of the thick stuff. First Kaibab hunt and buck - had an amazing time and looking forward to getting a late hunt tag in the next few years (with some good luck).
  16. azbackwoods

    1976 Unit 2B

    These 2 Bucks were killed opening morning.
  17. DNS

    Got My Buck Back

    I picked up my 2013 buck this morning from Mark's Southwestern Taxidermy. Mark and Leslie did a fantastic job on this buck. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.
  18. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/50623-2013-tlo-mule-deer-season-pics/ See these great bucks and a dozen more!!!! Follow the link to our Blog page and see all the hunts we were blessed to be a part of during our 2013 Mule Deer Season! http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/50623-2013-tlo-mule-deer-season-pics/ Thank you for looking, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Lance
  19. Girls Shoot Better

    Find the deer!!

    I took this picture when we were pig hunting through my binos. Can you find the two mule deer? Look carefully, it can be tricky!!
  20. I had Three Different bucks visit this winter hopefully they return in velvet maybe a little bigger! Also had some deer and elk at the same time.
  21. I was driving out on my last day of the hunt after a miserable, windy, cold morning glassing a canyon and I did not see a thing. On my way out I would stop and glass here and there. When I was almost back to the main road I saw a pull out on the dirt road that I had never noticed before. And I thought, kinda jokingly, "maybe God put this pull out here for me." So I stopped and lifted my 8's up and right through my windshield I could see a muley buck about 500 yards out feeding on a hill side. So I grabbed my bow and my binos and got out and surveyed the land for a stalk. I could see that there was a wash that would lead me right to him. So I made my way while continuing to check where he was and after about 10 minutes he bedded down right there in the open. So I snuck up and realized that If I climbed up the opposite finger from him I would be about 70-80 yards when I was in a shooting position. ( I practice out to 80 yards diligently and don't want to start any debates on long shots or have anyone post their opinion about it, start a different thread if you want to argue)... And thankfully the wind was pretty strong and loud so I could sneak in without him hearing me. I crawled on my hands and knees to a small bush at the top of the hill and lifted up enough to range him laying there and he was 77 yards across a wash. So I got positioned on my knees and grabbed my bow and raised myself up to were I could shoot from my knees and I drew back, and after holding for 10 plus seconds I could tell I was too shaky, so I let down, composed myself, said a quick prayer and drew again, thankfully he didn't notice me this whole time, and I shot him while he was laying down and quartering away. I was off target by about 4 inches and my arrow went through his back leg, in behind his ribs and out the opposite lung. (remember he was laying down, quartering away). The picture above is the exit hole made by the Spitfire Maxx broadhead. Thank God for meat in the freezer and the health and time to get out there and hunt!
  22. camoball99

    3 for 3

    What a year!! One son took his first big game animal on Thanksgiving morning... Spent some great time in the field with my boys laughing, talking and filling the freezer.
  23. muley224

    Unit 23 rut

    Anyone been up in 23 around Roosevelt Archery deer? Any Rutting activity? Any news would be appreciated. Thanks
  24. AmericanThunder

    Montana Decoys

    Has anyone used a Montana Decoy? http://www.montanadecoy.com/ Specifically for Mule deer hunting here in AZ. I have never used a decoy for deer hunting and am pretty skeptical about them. If anyone has had any luck with them please share. Thanks!
  25. Critter

    A Few More Youth Bucks

    Jeffd asked me to post up his son Roy's buck and his friend's buck. Here are some of the pics. Awesome deer. Way to go guys.