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My 2012 Bull

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My hunt ended this evening. I had to work today but the good thing was that I was only working about 5 miles from where I was hunting. I got to my spot and headed to a tank. As hot and dry as it is, I knew I had to be on water this evening. Got to the tank, set my blind up and was all set up by 5:45.


Fifteen minutes later and small six point come in, then 5 minutes later another little bit bigger six point come in. Ten minutes later, I hear elk running coming in. A cow and a calf hit the water with a bull in tow. The bull got to the water but I couldn't shoot as the cow directly behind the bull. The cow finally cleared, I drew my bow, and settled my pins for a 25 yard shot. After the release the arrow buried to the fletchings right behind the shoulder. The bull ran out and then stopped about 70 yards away, got weak kneed and then went down.


What a great short evening hunt! My best bull to date. :D









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Great bull! Is he broke off on his left side or didn't grow? Regardless, he will put up an impressive number when taped out. Just a beautiful bull! Congratulations.

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