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Allen Taylor Wins on the Kaibab! *photos*

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Allen is 3 for 3 in his consecutive draws and harvests on the Kaibab.

Yes folks, this was his third time drawing the coveted Late hunt tag, IN A ROW!


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy and boy does he make the best of them!


As a bonus, his son Travis killed his first mule deer this year too!


Duwane Adams camp comes through again!


I'll let Allen fill in the details but I'll start with what everyone is waiting for, photos!


Kicking things off is Travis' first Kaibab buck...






Below is one of Duwane's clients and new found friend of ours, Scott with his 191" buck!








Now here are both bucks together...





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Heck of a shot and I know your Dad is very very proud of you.

He's one lucky man to have a hunting partner like you.


You're HOOKED!!


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Now, here is Allen's well deserved and beautiful buck...

(click on the photos to enlarge a bit)









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I also knew a guy that got three late tags in a row on the Kaibab. You guys did good, congrats. Great looking bucks.

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We had a fantastic time. The weather made it a bit difficult in that the bucks were spread out all over from top to bottom. The acorn crop was beyond belief, the deer were bedded down and eating while bedded. My buck was so fat from eating acorns. We shot Travis' buck on top and my buck down low. Lots of traveling between the top of the unit and lower down. I was so proud of Travis. He got excited and missed a buck opening morning at 315 yards, but about 1/2 hour later we found another buck and he smacked him on the first shot at 519 yards. This new 7mm with the leupold scope/yardage turrets is really the way to go. My buck we found monday morning chasing a doe going in and out of the oak brush. It all happened really really fast, getting the pack off, setting up the tripod, locate the area the buck is at in the scope and hope for a shot. I found the tree line/oak brush he went into and then the doe came busting out with him behind her. I had one shot opportunity before he was gone and hit him good at 680 Yards . The doe came back to where the buck was last seen 2 times then took off. We spent the next hour glassing trying to locate him in the shadows/timber/oakbrush. We found him finally at 569 yards, we could only see his head/neck area and then his butt past a tree. I shot him (after alot of deep breaths) in the neck and that was all she wrote. Then the pack out of that nasty canyon started. I couldnt be happier with this big buck and Travis' great buck. The companionship in camp was fantastic. My hat goes off to my good friends Duwane, Luke, Mark, Chef, Kirk....And my son Travis. We had so much fun and joking around. I met some new guys Greg and Scott from CW and have great great memories.............The Kaibab is such a special spot, I cant wait to get back again................thanks for letting me share..............Allen Taylor...........

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Congratulations to everyone and their awesome bucks. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Thanks Hector for sharing some pictures and Allen for sharing his story.


I can't believe I've never hunted the Kabab in all the years I have lived here. Not to smart of me. :blink:



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