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Late hunt thumper...story & more piks added

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Alicia C. connected over the weekend...More piks and story to come...Merry Christmas...C.O.U.E.S.


Alicia spent a lot of time behind the trigger preparing for this hunt and it paid off Saturday morning big time.

We started out meeting up early that morning only to find the fog and rain to thick to do anything with. We made the decision to back out and try a different area that we knew held deer in the past. We get to a high point around 8 and put glass to work, Rene finds a few doe's deep without a buck in tow. A few min. later he has a nice buck spotted a to the north that did not stick around long, he fed out of site and was to far to make move on due to the terrain. While discussing options and glassing, Nick finds this guy feeding 600 yds. it doesn't take long to decide he is a shooter. We cut the distance in half and Alicia gets set up for the shot. He is found again bedded in a palo verde with neck and head showing. We start to wait him out and 2 hrs. go by without movement. The elements start to take there toll and Alicia says " I can make that shot"...That's all we needed to hear and we got ready for the shot.. she backed out of the scope twice to calm the adrenaline that was taking hold of all of us. She got back into the scope and the 270 barked...I have nothing in the binos, no movement ,no deer nothing...We get ahold of Rene who is keeping watch from the original glassing spot..." he's down ...his head laid down before I heard the gun shot", Oh yeah high fives and hugs all around...we wait for Rene and Gage to get to us and make our way to the buck.

Alicia get's a glimpse of him to her right and run's up to her prize. Emotions are high and we start the photo session and pre pack out chores.

Alicia's perfect 303 yard shot claimed her 1st buck on her 1st hunt that none of us will ever forget. Big congratulation's again and thank's for the memory... Nico scored him at 103'








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That is a great picture and a great buck! Congrats!

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