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Guess the Scores

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Catfishkev got me thinking it would be fun to guess the score on a few bulls. 

 I know these are a little amateurish compared to many of you but these are the pictures I found from years past.

I think this will show many people how difficult it is to judge a bull from pictures. 

Disclaimer: these are not official scores nor are they exact but all but one I scored myself and even though I am not an official scorer I spend lots of time learning the proper way to score and I bet they are within a few inches of the official score.


1 Bull2006bullelk1.jpg.561a6a2da0a099d08658b3d273c29fbc.jpg


2 Bull



3 Bull



4 Bull









BTW just overall gross

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#1 365 #2 300  #3 320  #4 350  #5 290  #6 310 and man those are all great bulls and I really suck at this so no harsh comments LOL

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5 hours ago, Roosevelt Mark said:

DON'T have a clue, Don't care. Dang nice bulls. Are they all az bulls?

Yeah all Az

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1. 325

2. 335

3. 310

4. 345

5. 315

6. 305

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Alright, I'll throw my 2 cents in.  Not really sure, but hey, we're just guessing right?  LOL.

1.  330

2.  340

3.  350

4.  300

5.  280

6.  330

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Here are a few more pictures and the Scores.















1. 344 as is. left beam broken still 54"  right beam touch over 59" 

2. 368"  almost 34" of mass per side. Notice my friends hand up high on the beam. I had about 30 min to judge him im his bed at under 200 yards and he deceived me bad. I could only tell my buddy he was over 350" but I,didnt know how much over.

3. 375"  he was way more impressive on the hoof than my pictures show...i thought he was 340" tops though. He was impressive hard horned. I have some video hard horned but cant seem to,find it..

4. 341" with 5th repaired and photoshopped. Actually score was around 334"  315ish frame but 25" and 26" 3rds

5. 283"  

6. If I remeber correctly it was 371" I'm positive it was close to that but there is no way to verify since my uncle just gave it away to someone to make knives out of...i was sick that he didnt call me..

IMO some of the hardest qualities of a bull to judge are beam length and mass..know the area you hunt and what is normal.  3c is notorious for having good beams and weak 3rds and average mass. Lots bulls in unit 1 have beams barely into the 50s. with the age class dropping mass will most likely be under average IMO. 

My best advice is shoot the bull that you want that gives you the opportunity. I passed on a chance at a better scoring bull the morning I killed the big 3rds bull because I had some history with the 3rds bull. ...he was stuck in my mind. I was ecstatic no matter the score.,Especially for late archery.   The year I killed that 283" Bull I hunted for 11 or 12 days for 2 bulls that I thought were in the 375"-390" range and couldnt get it done. I was tickled pink to shoot that bull last day and gain more experience. 


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Very nice 👍👌.That second bull on the first post looks like a tank. What throws me off the most is when bulls are packing extra points. Either way its fun just to find big bulls.

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Thanks for posting this Houston! A good tool for those of us who don’t look at elk every single day.

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