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The End is Near

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As the year draws towards the end, and the decade for that matter too, it becomes time to select one's favorite images of the past year.  In 2019, I got out photographing less due to a lack of several things, but I did get to spend a few weeks in the desert this spring and also time with a new GWP pup.  In reviewing images, I noticed that I was drawn more to black and white this year, so hence there is a good percentage of those in the set.

Here are five of the eleven images from 2019 that resonated with me the most.  The whole set of favorites can be seen on my website.  






Merry Christmas and blessings to y'all in 2020


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Thanks all for the kind comments.

@Dug- yes, I have been remiss at taking photos of Clover.

@Lee- I struggled to make Bs and Cs in English and literature, so I'll let the lens or someone else write the poetry.

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Awesome photos! The lighting is amazing!

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-----Before Daybreak-----

The selfish intensity and passion of each moment

The memories that flood with each repetition

Different locales and different companions, but of course, mostly solitary..

Trying mightily to be part of the age-old blood sport of hunter and prey

The cavernous darkness outside the truck windows..

Or the glow of fresh fallen snow beyond the tent flap

The smell of gun oil and leather, the feel of cartridges-weight forward and lethal

This should be shared, I feel, but company would compromise the purity of emotion

This is better by tenfold, I reason, than the months

of daydreams and anticipation

Hours before the light, the darkness is my cocoon..

In the early mountain chill or desert fresh

Moon glow silhouetting high rim rock,

ghostly saguaros or extinct volcanoes

Some night hikes that lead to dawn vantage points will be remembered for a lifetime-

Elk bugles thundering from all points of the compass,

Climbing Malapai peaks with glasses fogged,

Or the skunk at half a pace when I found God is merciful.

It is the darkness, the before, like a book unopened that you know will thrill and engross you, memories unrivaled..

Peppersauce Canyon, Cerro Prieto, Roberts Mesa or Kitty Jo mine-

Some to be revisited, none to be forgotten..

All enmeshed in memory with each year's pre-dawn rituals.

I have discovered-slow I must be for it took 30 years

It is not success in the hunt most yearned for,

But rather one more preparation before daybreak

For the many memories to revisit me.


Lee Elbert Navajo County, Arizona Sept. 2001

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I watched two men who beauty sought,

One searched and searched, but found it not.

To the other man all things were fair

he needn't search, found beauty there.

He found beauty where 'ere he went

the roaring gale, the rustling breeze

Its music and its laughter lent

To all the shrubs, flowers and trees.

In desert wast or grassy sod,

in winter snow, in summer showers

Beheld the handiwork of God

In bursting bud, in summer flowers.

His lessons from the earth he took

from murmuring tree, from singing bird.

From waterfall to babbling brook,

In nature's music God's voice he heard.

Yes, in all things did beauty find

in taste and smell, in sight and sound

Within his body, heart and mind

Life's greatest treasure there he found.

Now, if for beauty you have sought,

If you have searched but found it not,

Then right at home you'd best begin,

True beauty comes from the soul within.

Milo Wiltbank, Eagar, Arizona, c1957 Gramma Grass Wisdom

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