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2022 Coues hunts

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October hunt, my wife and pops were able to tag out on a pair of decent bucks. Little more hunting pressure this year than usual and had to hike in a bit farther to locate the bucks.

Nov hunt, my buddy smoked this great buck that did a head dive into some boulders, we were able to recover the broken tine and had a cool, long pack out in the dark. 

Junior hunt- my son had his first big game tag for deer and javelina. He had an away basketball game in Nogales, after his game I picked him up and we were off to camp. We completed 9 failed stalks on Friday-Sunday and was finally able to get within range of this buck. After some careful shooting and assistance from my dad and Christian who were spotting from the distance, we were able to knock him down. That evening we decided to go out look for javelina (haven't seen any yet). At last light, Christian glassed up a herd far out. We made plans for the morning and they were up and feeding in the grey light. A short stalk later he was able to put his first javelina down. 

Thanksgiving hunt- my buddy and I found a whole bunch of deer, a lot of tiny ones. Finally Sunday morning we located his buck way up in the mountains. A gruesome hike up a steep ridge, he was able to dump 2 rounds into the chest. I'm glad that pack out was all down hill and in the flats. 







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Hunting with family is the absolute BEST of times!!!   Multiple generations being able to spend time together in the field is AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing, Tyler!



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3 hours ago, azcouesandelk said:

Unbelievable season for you and your family so far. Thank you for letting me be a part of it 

Wouldn’t have anyone else be part of it! 

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