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A Mexico Hunt for the Books!

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As Chef (Hector) and Peloncillo (Keven) already posted we had one heck of a good trip to Old Mexico to hunt coues deer.


In case anyone was wondering this was a DIY hunt that we went on but half the time you sure couldn't tell with the service we received from Justo and his family. Ever since I met him a couple years ago we have stayed in touch and it has always felt like I'm dealing with friends and family instead of business associates.


When I was putting this together and getting guys signed up my main objective was to get a good group of guys that would enjoy the experience and be able to have a good time with six different personalities in one house all at the same time. I had no worries about the ranch or amount of deer that we would see and after Justo agreed to escort us to and from the ranch I had no worries about safety. Rut (Jim) and I had hunted this ranch several years ago so we knew Justo and the lay of the land and with the assembled group of hunters we were all set for a spectacular hunt. So to break it down we had Rut, Chef, Peloncillo, Rocky (my brother), Mike (a friend from work), and myself all with tags in hand.


After an effortless journey down (once again thanks to Justo Sr. and Jr.) we got unloaded and set up at the house and hit the hills for an after noon glassing session.



The first morning we headed out and saw a lot of deer and some pretty good rutting activity. That first afternoon Peloncillo was able to put the hammer down on a great buck that I just happened to be glassing from a different vantage point. It was really neat to watch the excitement unfold through my spotter. After a quick conversation over the radio with Peloncillo and verification of buck down we finished out the day with more deer sightings and one really good buck on the ground.

Peloncillo's Buck



After a couple more days of watching and passing some good bucks I spotted a nice buck that I thought Rocky would be very happy with.

I took some video of him and got Mike and Rocky on their way to where I was set up. Once all eyes were on the buck Rocky set off on his stock (climb) and Mike and I kept tabs of the buck and his doe. This was one of the few times that I've been behind the spotter instead of making the stock and I couldn't believe how stressful it was. Any way Rocky was able to make the stock and after a warning shot over the buck's back he anchored his biggest coues to date.





So another day or two goes by and Rocky and I have seen some great bucks that we think Mike should check out so Peloncillo, Rocky, Mike, and myself pepper the area from different locations and it doesn't take long for the action to heat up. After Mike passes a buck that I spot right away Peloncillo gets on the radio to let us know he has a big buck spotted and if Mike hurried he could shoot from his position. Mike takes off at a very fast pace to hook up with Peloncillo and they are able to drop the buck before Rocky and I could even get all our gear packed up. Peloncillo did a great job finding and keeping track of this buck and even helped pack him out. This would be Mike's biggest buck to date as well and just happened to be the same day that Chef took his super tall buck.




Over the next few days I passed up some great bucks that the guys thought I was absolutely crazy for not shooting. Rut kept telling me that I couldn't shoot a big buck if I shot the nice ones, it was the hardest thing I've ever done and I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy. Peloncillo, Mike, and Rocky all headed back home (with Justo Jr. escorting them all the way back into the US) so it was just Chef, Rut, Justo Jr. and Sr., Marco (the vaquero), and myself left for the next week.


One night after another great meal I asked Justo Sr. where I should go to find a big buck.



He gave me a funny look and said that if we were crazy enough we should go to the "top". He went on to tell us that we wouldn't see a lot of deer but we would probably find a big buck. Chef volunteered to go with me the next day and Rut dropped us off at the bottom. It was one tough hike to make it to the top but it didn't take long to find a good buck with a cheater off of his right g2. Chef wouldn't give me any bullets because he knew I was getting a very itchy trigger finger. Instead he had me video the buck and then we moved onto another glassing point.




Right during the heat of the day Chef lets me know he has a big buck! We lose the buck quickly and make a long walk around to try and relocate him. Once we get set up again I got lucky and was able to spot a little buck, the big buck, and a doe all bedded up trying to stay out of the sun. Immediately I knew we needed to close the distance and we packed up for the third time that day. Chef was able to contact Rut on the radio and let him know we were dropping off the rim and would need to be picked up at a different location. This is the part of the story where luck was on our side because once I started off of the cliffs I got into a position that I was not able to get back up. Chef had to turn back due to the rocks giving out from under him and I was forced to continue down. For the first time in my hunting career I was truly scared and didn't know if it was all worth it. Somehow I was able to shimmy my way down and close the gap to 515 yards. Chef had to go way around and still had a heck of a time getting down off the rim.




By now it is getting pretty late and my thoughts are turning to getting out of the canyon when I suddenly find the buck up and giving the doe a really hard time. I would like to say that I calmly dialed my turrets and dropped the buck but it wasn't even close to that. I hurriedly dialed my turrets and threw the rifle on the claw and slammed it onto the tripod. I let the first shot rip only to see the buck looking around in a confused manner. I worked the bolt and got the next couple rounds off when Chef gets on the radio and proceeds to bring me back to my senses. He scampers down to where I am set up and lets me know the buck is hit and to take my time. It's getting dark fast now and I was able to get one more shot off before the light faded, I hit just underneath the buck and he vanished into some thick brush. After talking it over for a while we decide to pull out and come back the next morning. It made for what seemed like an everlasting hike out in the dark and a very sleepless night.


The next morning found Chef, Rut, Justo Jr., and I all hiking back into the canyon where we left the buck. With a lot of patience and very good glassing we were able to relocate the buck and I was able to get him on the ground for good. Every one was extremely excited and thankful that we were able to close the deal. Justo Jr. called Marco on the radio and he saved our backs once again by packing out the buck. We took some video and some pictures and made our way back to the ranch. I am amazed at how well both Justos and Marco know the ranch and how wonderful their horses are.





My buck and the moon.



Our Hero.




Here is a little video that Chef took right after the excitement ended!


Here is a video of some of the bucks that I passed up, Rocky's buck, and some of the pictures. This one is long and Youtube blocked my music.


Some miscellaneous pictures.






The hardest part of the whole hunt.....loading up knowing it was time to leave.



I can't say enough how great this hunt was and how much I enjoyed every one's company, it is awesome having such great people in camp. Also if it wasn't for Chef, Rut, and Justo Jr. I probably wouldn't of been able to anchor my buck. It was such a pleasure to share Justo Sr. and Justo Jr.'s ranch again and to show what type of people they are, they even called us to make sure we got home safe and sound the day we left.


Lot's of memories to relive until we can make some more next year! Thanks for reading my long winded story!




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Congrats again Phil on a phenomenal buck.


I can't say enough good things about the trip, the hunting crew, and hosts.

It was an absolute blast and I rank this hunt as one of my top two all time hunts.

Interestingly enough, it's the people and camaraderie that raise things to the next level every time.


On your specific buck hunt, things could have turned out very bad. From us falling off that cliff, to never finding the buck again.

Things just play out textbook sometimes. Putting our minds together and putting forth the extra effort really paid dividends.

It was a pleasure my friend. My legs may never forgive you but I enjoyed it!


Here is another shot of the canyon where Phil took his hard earned buck. (enlarge to get the best image otherwise it looks bad)


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You did a great job on this post and thanks for sharing. Congratulations on a great buck and I really enjoyed the story and how it all went down. Sounds like it was a trip everyone on here would have loved to have been on. :)



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Thank you everyone for the kind words and comments! It truly was a blast!


Amanda if it wasn't for this site and the members on it, this trip would of never been possible so thank you!

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