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Sarah and the Swede

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The range finder spat back the distance of the four bucks feeding towards the saddle, 1,243 yards. I looked over at Sarahs rifle and realized that she was carrying a 6.5 so we backed up one more yard to make the shot unique and got set up :) :)

Actually the distance was 530 yards which was too far for our comfort. Sarah was packing the "Swede" though. A 6.5x55 swedish Mauser wrapped in fancy black walnut by my father. My dad carried the rifle, I started out with it, then my son, got to keep traditions alive. Topped with an original Weaver K4 as it has been since the 60's, it has been the nemisis of at least 40 coues, Wyoming and Utah mule deer, as well as a couple of elk.

Loaded with 120 grain Sierras which sometimes are found beautifully mushroomed, and sometimes seem to explode, it just seems to kill deer really well. If it aint broke don't fix it.

We slid into a cut and bottomed out below the bucks which had now bedded, and crept out on a flat bench that I felt would give us a good shot.

Sarah popped out the legs on the BiPod, rested the buttstock on my daypack and got set up for the shot as I readied my bino's and tripod. Sarah had a hard time picking out the biggest buck whom had bedded in the shade of a juniper, but after looking through the Swaros she had him pegged.

She touched the Timney trigger and fired a warning shot just over the bucks back which was now at 270 yards and he erupted from his bed and started for the saddle above him. The biggest buck got crossed up as he neared the top with one of his buddies and she drilled the first one out just before he went over.

She was shooting steeply upward and the bullet entered the back of his brisket and exited through his off side shoulder. Distance was 303 yards, a great shot!

The old Swede has struck again!





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Great buck and great pics. I've been looking for a 6.5x55 mauser action for a while and I'm glad to hear yours has several generations of kills.

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