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2018 AZ Pronghorn

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I drew my only choice with 10 bp and was eager to get scouting as soon as possible. First Trip wasn't until mid July but my father and I saw lots of bucks and got a taste for what bucks were where etc.

My next scouting trip was productive but it had become a reality that the unit experienced one of the driest years its ever had. I never saw a single fawn in all of the time I spent up there, hopefully a few years down the road the number of permits will be reduced to account for the absence of a fawn crop.

Leading up to the hunt, I knew my schedule was limited with school and I needed to get a buck on the ground quickly. My goal was to kill an 80" buck and I really spent a lot of time learning how to field judge these animals. Scouting allowed me to practice judging goats and also forced me to stalk numerous animals to get a GOOD look at what's on their head.

The hunt came around and I felt I hadn't laid eyes on a giant buck, so the plan was to Look for a buck or two we saw the evening before opener.

Opening morning came and before the sun was up, Steven found a buck a few miles off with his BTX. We looked and when the sun hit him, we decided he was worth a closer look. Afraid of spooking the buck, John and I decide to just hoof it rather than try to drive around with the truck to get closer. We end up finding him bedded with a doe he pulled off the herd and took into an isolated valley. John and I crawl up to a spot where we think we can shoot. Skipping the BS-i mistakenly ranged the tree behind him and doped the scope to 600 when in reality it was so flat, he probably closer to 500 or worse. He stood up, gave perfect broadside shot and I was sailing them over his back. He runs off but we keep watch.

We start working him again, relocate him and now he's back with his herd of does. Not seconds after we see them, they start running our way and the chaos began. Bucks were running all over the place, the buck we wanted was obviously the alpha and he was running the others bucks off continuously, It was an incredible experience to see them going wild like that. After setting up for shots probably a dozen times, the buck finally chases another buck off to our left which allowed for an open shot through the high brush. He runs after the inferior buck, sticks his horns in the little ones butt then stops, turns around and gives a quartering-to shot at 198yards.

We were done by 9am and i couldn't have been happier. He's not the biggest buck i saw scouting but he was one that definitely caught my eye. Ultimately, he caught my eye on opening day and its history from there!

I can't thank my Father, Reyes, John, Steven and Gavin enough for coming on the hunt, It was the best crew i could've imagined! We took photos then hung him in a tree, and pitched a nice midday camp to make lunch. Doesn't get any better...

I learned alot on this hunt and I can only hope to get to hunt antelope again sometime soon

I will post photos of the bucks I saw in scouting below the trophy pics but here is my 2018 Arizona Pronghorn Antelope




The crew- My dad, I, Gavin, John, Reyes and Steven






"Tipsy"-nice buck I passed at first light on opening morning



"Double D"- only saw him once and got some decent photos in the heat waves



This buck looks awesome in this photo and I imagine he grew another inch or two but he broke off his whole left prong...



A massive buck i would've liked to see again



Nice buck Reyes and I snuck up to While he was Snoozing with his ladies



My Buck on July 18th. He pushed out another 1.5-2" of horn after this photo was taken and he also lost his giant mane


Then this is the buck I Liked most from scouting




Misc Bucks










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Congratulations Patrick. Thank you for letting gav and I be apart of this awesome day!

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Nice job stud buck for sure

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