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First Elk Down!

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I had the privilege of helping my nephew get his first elk this morning.  He has a CHAMP and crossbow permit.  Walking more than a 100 yards on flat ground was going to be tough, so sitting water was going to be our main focus of hunting.  Yesterday, he and  his dad found a tank that had a lot of elk coming into that was easy access for him to get into.  After sitting last night, no elk were seen but some nice bucks did come in to keep them occupied while sitting.  

This morning I was able to go, so we decided to go sit the same tank.  We got there just before daylight and we could hear some bulls blowing but they were a long ways off.  After a little bit a bull started getting closer an closer blowing as he come.  Finally we could see him on top of the ridge and he was coming in.  He first got to the water facing straight on.  He walked out into the tank and screamed right at us.  He turned broadside and Mike was just about to shoot when he turned straight away and started drinking.  After a minute or so, he started raking his antlers in the mud and little by little he started to turn.  He was quartering away and I told Mike to aim right at the last rib and squeeze it off.  The shot hit perfect, lodging in the opposite shoulder.  The bull took off and I cow called and got him to stop.  Not five seconds later he was down at 80 yards.  The hunt was so much fun and glad I was able to be apart of it.  Everything worked out perfect.  








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5 minutes ago, Red Rabbit said:

Congrats to your nephew.  Bet he is still stoked (maybe you too 😉 )

I think I was more excited.  Lol.  It was just an awesome experience. 

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