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My 2018 October Coues

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I drew a tag in a unit that some of my friends are pretty familiar with and we've been spending time in there regularly.  I'm not the pickiest of guys but I had 2 big exams coming up the following week so that left little time for me to hunt once again.... not to mention the hot weather and full moon. Opening day came and I was still in class while Steven was out with his father, Steve. Steve had the same tag as I and he got tagged out early Friday morning. I raced out after my Ochem lecture and was in the unit by 1pm. Steven picked me up and took me into camp, where we hung out until it was time to hunt the evening.

Around 3:30 we head out to the evening spot and start glassing. As the evening progressed, more deer started to show. I walked back across the hill after checking the backside and Steven said he found a nice 3x3. I looked at him and let him walk. As Im looking through the BTX, I see two other nice bucks start to come over the hill. I saw that one had good height and some bladed tines before they walked back into the trees. I got Steve's new 28 Nosler ready to go while Steven tried to reacquire the buck. After a few minutes, the bucks all reappear at last light, Steven gives me the range, 480. Once I was able to place the 180 berger correctly, the buck dropped like a sack of potatoes.

I'm very happy with him and we were thankful that we didn't have to hunt in the heat of the next day. Big thank you to Steven for hunting with me and Steve for letting me use his brand new Christensen Arms 28 Nosler! Also passed those exams so it all worked out perfectly








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Congratulations on that great buck!

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