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My First AZ Black Bear

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A buddy and I decided to go out last Friday to look for bears. The wind made glassing tough... as I'm sure it was for a lot of deer hunters out this past weekend. As luck would have it, we glassed up a nice looking bear feeding away. We worked our way into position a couple of times in the morning, but couldn't get a clear shot. He would casually feed over a small ridge or into some thick cover and we'd re-position. I also wanted to cut the distance a bit more than usual considering the wind. I worked my way into a better position and found him feeding again right around noon. Worked a little closer and had a great rest at 223 yards. I couldn't be happier with this bear... he has battle scars and a big blocky head with character and a beautiful jet black coat. 



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Thanks guys! I know he'll probably shrink some, but we gave him a rough measure and have him at:

Width: 7 4/16"

Length: 12 12/16"

Total: 20 0/16"

Length (nose to tail): 6'4"

Age (game and fish estimate): 14-15 years old. 

To me he is an AZ bear of a lifetime. An old bruiser who definitely mixed it up for years. He was around 4000-4500 feet elevation and feeding on the juniper berries all morning.  

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Thats awesome

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