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Coues Archer

Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

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So about a month ago I posted a picture of a buck that I knew was going to be something special. For one reason or another I had some nay sayers say that it would score 135”😂😂😂 Another person had the audacity to say “why I posted a picture of nice buck and ask the score if I already knew what it would score”??😆 Really now? Crazy how inept some people really are... Then to top it off they post pictures of deers killed over 35 years old in the kaibab😂 You keep tootin your horn homie😆 But nontheless I only care about True Desert Southern Arizona Mule deer bucks. It truely is something special when a person kills a DIY 180” Southern Arizona Archery Desert Mule Deer. After countless stalks and days of hunting this monarch I managed to close the distance to 39 yards and shot this bad boy in the jugular! Finished him off with a shot in the boiler room. Buck has 6” bases and all mass measurements are 5 inches+🤙🏽 Good luck to all you hunters I hope y’all get some good ones. And to you nay sayers just picture me rollin🤙🏽😎😂🦌🤘🏽#GodIsGreat #MuleDeerPutasos #BigBuckDown #180+Club






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Love it! Nice frame, congratulations! 

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Just now, trphyhntr said:

Nice buck. You sound like a really nice and humble guy as well.

Thanks🤙🏽 #HumblePieSureTastesGoodHuh

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