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Son's first archery bull

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Love days like this! Opening evening, lots of action morning and then evening, bugling like crazy and 7 different bugles. Pulled this one away from cows and across a canyon in a bugle fest. Love having these experiences with my children. He wanted a branch antlered bull and to have a great call in experience rather that passing and waiting for a larger bull. Not always about the antler size but feeling great about the experience. Would not trade the hours in the woods with my man cub for anything in this world! 

Also picture of Daughters first elk, OTC. She was so excited!  Love being with her on this hunt and look forward to many more. 


Snapseed 6.jpeg

Snapseed 5.jpeg

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Thats really cool Congrats, hunting or fishing with your kids is the most satisfying thing the the world.

last year was my 1st year without one of the kids, I lasted about 5 hours including the drive to and from LOL.  this year shes coming for the dec hunt if her leave goes through.



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