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2020 Archery Bull

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Here is my 2020 archery bull, I believe they are still in the pre-rut. Opening day I passed on a 3x3, then Saturday I missed a 7x7 had to estimate his range and just grazed him. Sunday morning I was after a 6x6 that was with a 4x4 but they gave me the slip. A hour after that I let a spike and small 4x4 walk right past me at 18 yards. Wasn’t sure if I made a mistake on that one. Monday and Tuesday I headed home to fix my house air conditioner. Wednesday morning I headed back up. Got to camp and unloaded the quad to head back to a small water hole where I missed the 7x7. Got all set up around 5pm. Tried calling to locate the bulls and nothing. So I sat till about 6:10pm and from a distance I seen some cows coming, told myself there has to be a bull with them and sure enough he pops out and starts to bugle. Then from a distance another bull bugles. Then the cows come to the small water and before I know it the bull is there. I draw back while one cow is staring at me then the bull lifts up and looks at me. I release the shot and wasn’t sure if I hit him well. He runs and I’m cow calling him, he stops about 50 yards and in about 10 seconds he is down. So I call my 2 friends who where up there with me on opening weekend and give them the news. Now the fun begins while it’s starting to get dark. I finish about 10pm and back at camp about 10:50pm. Talk about a long cold ride back to on the quad. Thanks Austin Nagel, Steve Holowell , and  James Guin






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