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San Carlos Desert Sheep Hunt 2020

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Blake Sartini III was the blessed hunter to obtain the 2020 San Carlos Desert Sheep tag. This ram I named “4 Low” showed up in a huntable area. Seen him only couple times years before and Blake made the trip when I immediately called him with excitement. We got within 700 yards and this ram decided to leave the herd. No reason just irritated I’m assuming from young rams picking on him. Rut was on and he ended up very high on the mtn to where we couldn’t access. 
Next day made plans to go where we bedded him and split up my partner with him looking at the herd from day before assuming he’ll come back. With luck would have it at 730am he came off the steep cliffs and tied back in with the herd. He ended up bedding and we wasted no time closing the distance. We did a 2 hour stalk playing the wind and got with 525 yards. Blake waited for him to stand and his 7SAUM made its mark and ram piled up. He roughly scores 187 6/8. He’ll definetly be hard to beat this year and couldn’t believe the mass on the sheep.





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